We’ve just got back from a good day at the Ingelton Fundraiser.

Was it what I expected?

I’m not sure. But it was good to play (or sort of play) and great to catch up with Phil & David of Out on A Limb, Chris Milner (who I swore at; sorry Chris :)) and of course the Folk Rock legends jiva!


8 thoughts on “Chat

  1. Hello Golden oldies, not including Carol there – (she;s Golden but not an oldie like the two men) !! Interesting to read your blog and like you I didn’t get to the Taylor roadshow – it was my intention but other things caught up with me. Seriously I heard a Taylor Koa when I went to see Tom Paxton (he had a Martin!) it belongs to the guy who was accompanying him and I was blown away by the sound & tone of his guitar. I spoke to him after the show, great show by the way, and he told me it was a new guitar RT price £6k but he got it from a shop that was closing for £1750 – I’ve never heard such a fantastic sound – It would have been good to have heard that lead guitarist from Fools Gold play it!!! I wish!
    Anyway guys don’t forget to give me and Clennell Hall a mention in your next blog. You can also put in a plug for The Berkeley FC in good old WB on wednesday nights. On another front it’s been in my mind to organise something on the lines of Andy & Cath’s house party but it would have to be at The Comrades or The Berkeley as my humble dwelling would only cater in the side garden. I have a bungalow behind Monkseaton Metro Stn so maybe I’m on the right track with this thought – so what do you think! It would take a canny bit of arranging but if we could find a date suitable for all it may get off the drawing board. Let me know what you think.
    Well I’d better go and help her that must be obeyed as she’s cooking Easter Sunday lunch and asks for help just as I’m typing this!
    Blessings to all
    John (& Eileen)

  2. Every other Friday there’s a club which meets at the Harbour of refuge, although everyone seems to call it the pot house, it’s in Hartlepool on the Headland, TS24 0QX for the satnav. Next one is on 18th May and it’s alternate Fridays. Pop along if you get the chance.

  3. Hiya Steve. A bit of technical advice. I am looking to put the guitar and a microphone through an amp via an n-channel mixer. Having been unplugged all my life, the whole idea of mixers is a bafflement. What would you recommend? I think a 4-channel jobby is probably all I would need, but I would take your advice on that too.
    Anyway, see you soon I hope.

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