Home is where the heart is…

Home is where the heart is.

That’s what they say, and to be fair, they should know.

If they say it’s where my heart is, I’ll go along with it.

How I managed to stay alive for a week in London is, therefore, quite beyond me.

Home again now, and presumably reunited with the vast majority of my major organs, and life is returning to the roustabout, knockabout, roundabout that passes, in FG Towers, for normality.

And, did we have fun, adventures, midnight feasts in the dorm?

Did we?

Did we?
Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…


It has been, even by our slightly daft standards, a silly week. It all began last weekend with us finding ourselves doing four shows in a huge engine shed at Tanfield Railway. They had an event, lots of chuff-chuffs chuffing around the chuffing place, and lots of railway enthusiasts, camera bedecked and knowledgeable heads screwed on, wandering hither and yon. The Engine Shed was home to model railway enthusiasts, who had a similar following of knowledgeable types, but they were much much smaller. We found out that an Engine Shed is very big, very cold and very, very, dirty. They’d done their best to clean it out – no complaints, it is after all, home to Thomas and his Pals, but all the leads, cables and anything that went anywhere near the floor was, to put it bluntly, Hacky.

As soon as we finished the last show on Sunday, it was gear in the car and whizz off down the M1 to Potter’s Bar.

‘Whizz’ is possibly over-egging it a bit as the traffic apparently had other things on its mind than actually whizzing. Some time later, and a lug of all the gear into a Travelodge (second floor), we decided to buy a van.

Whether we will or not remains moot, but at the time is seemed like a Chufftingly good idea.


Monday morning and Potter’s Bar U3A. That meant we got to play with the M1/M25 junction at 8:00am, which is very nearly as much fun as it sounds – if you like dying. PB U3A have their big presentations in, heaven be praised, a big theatre, the Wyllotts Centre, so we got to play in a fantastic full tiered 350 seater auditorium which was packed – it also had a huge cinema screen, so we were slightly happy. Even more so when we basically sold out of CD’s at the end – it was, a nice morning.

That evening we were guests at Waltham Abbey Folk Club. Not exactly 350 people, but it was great to get back to a full acoustic, stripped back, seat of your pants concert in the old Folk Club styleee. Great fun.

Two more U3A shows followed, both very good and with big (big) audiences, by the end of this week we have played to just a bit less than 1000 people, so once again, we’re a bit happsicle.

Back home again, and it’s pick up the threads and get on with it. We’ve a few ‘Waters of Tyme’ shows coming up, and will have the new book/CD set on offer – that is if I manage to get the new version of ‘Tommy on the bridge’ mixed and finished today. Fact fans may be interested to know that it started off with around 20 tracks, and the final mixed version has about six. Less, as they say…


New technology has come along since we started doing the show, and I’m keen to reduce setup times and save a bit of room in the car (see second floor comment above), so we’re busy looking at making the show setup leaner. That of course, requires considerable internet browsing, comparing specs, reading reviews and generally me being as happy as a pig in muck.

We’ll see what happens.


I’ve been asked to review some kit for a manufacturer in China; they make clones of well-known pedals and are very good (and cheap). Naturally I said ‘yes’; what would they send me to review (‘cos you get to keep it) – a super distortion box, mega-whizzy flanger; maybe their new super looper?

No, it was a power brick; basically a plug.

However, it is actually very good at what it does, so I won’t knock it. The review will be on Amazon soon, I may not employ this style of prose, as presumably, purchasers want to get to the end of it quickly.

Which is a coincidence, because here we are.


And so as evening falls and the sound of silence descends over the Vales of Folk, the night people stir and the first Shanty man strikes up a chorus.

And soon everyone is asleep.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’





6 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is…

  1. When we travelled around the country playing and had all our gear with us and had booked a stay in a Travelodge, I’d always ring them beforehand and request a ground room near reception… helps a lot as you can imagine!

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