Italians eh?

Italian Gentlemen do not walk.

Should it happen that the need may arise to perambulate from A to, let’s say, ‘B’, then they do not walk.

They strut.

No more proud a peacock ever displayed for the Tudor Kings, no dainty a Dandy danced down the Strand of Edwardian England; finery is fine, but the Italian male, well, he knows what’s what.

And what’s what, is style.

A week spent on Wrinkly Wrehab in Italian Italy has afforded us the opportunity to do some people watching. Which is just as well, as the whole point of a strut is that people watch.

At first, they look like ordinary blokes. Perhaps a slower stride, a more deliberate stance a studied insouciance that takes hours of mirror-based rehearsal to get just right, but once mastered, boy are they good.

It might just be jeans, loafer and a T Shirt that is on display, but – surely those jeans are tapered just so, and the T-shirt; no vulgar sloganism announcing the thoughts of Frankie[1], just an understated designer logo that you have to be ‘in’ to spot.

And the cognoscenti will spot it.

After all, they’re parading too.

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…


…which is why there has not been a blog for couple of weeks[2].

And now we’re back, and it will still be a short one this week[3].

We’re right in the middle of gig silly season. Six or seven this week (I loose count), two more today (as you read this) and then off down the A1 back to Essex and Hertfordshire for another four shows. Three big U3A shows (100 or more folks at each) and a folk club guest night. It will be lovely to hook up again with Bill and Jan at Waltham Abbey Folk Club. After doing so many big show gigs with the PA, projector, screen et-alia, a full acoustic, no pluggy-ins, seat of your pants Folk Club will be lovely to do.

There are some pics here somewhere of a big show that we did in a church in Stanley – the one on the hill that can be seen for miles – St. Andrew’s. We did a show there this week and it was one of those that was just a delight from start to finish. The setting was nice, sound was good, place was full and it just went right. The images are of course the work of the Widdled Wretinue that is the Wrinkly Wroadies, just not the one that went to Italy.

There isn’t too much new in the world of FG, except that we have done our first shows in an Engine Shed.

It was complete with the requisite fixtures of an Engine Shed, to whit; oil, soot and clarts[4]. The shows were fine, good fun to do, but should you ever take any leads into an Engine shed, take some wipes.

And so as the accused Folkie of Fate faces the Clarty Halls of Justice, but remembers that all the best songs are really about clarts – at least the ones that aren’t about drinking, fighting and casual liaisons with ladies with no vests, then all will be well.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’




[1] Howerd or Hollywood, your choice.

[2] And did anyone bl**dy notice? Yes they did; thank you very much!

[3] As the Bishop said to the Actress

[4] Not sure what sort of clarts, I’m not an expert, but ones that make your leads all clarty would sum it up.

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