Hey, you!

Was it you?

I’m sure it would be one of you, probably you.

You look the sort.

One minute it’s February, then you look up – May.

I do wish you’d stop doing it, it’s getting scary; in fact, unless you pack it in, Mr. Bottom will have a quick visit to Spankytown.

Be Welcome Other Gentle Readers, and read on…


Another week of musical frolics and fun, a bit less than the previous weeks, but that’s no bad thing as it lets us get on with other FG related shenaningans, more of which later.


We were pleased to be asked to lead the singaround at Croxdale Folk Club this week.

As many of you will know, John, longtime head honcho of the aforementioned folk club died suddenly earlier in the year. The club had been slowly declining for some time, and it was no great mental jump to think that with John’s passing, it would become the subject of a song, not the venue for same.

However it has been rescued by Jackie and Mark (with Sheila too) to live to warble another day.

That was good news.

Better news was the arrival of singers and a few audience on the night – and it’s been a while since you could say that. Turns out, this was the first resurrected folk club night, so we were pleased, and not a bit relieved to welcome a few singists.

The Wrinkly Wroadies were on hand to Wrecord the whole thing with their magical digital dexterity – you try holding a camera steady when you’re that drunk. The images they captured that did not feature the floor, ceiling or bits of table are appended here somewhere.

A special mention goes to Raffaella, who made her debut singing. Good job she chose nice easy stuff; a capella versions of Loreena McKennit and Blackmore’s Night.


And the lass did brilliant too.

Stop me if I’ve told you this before.

It’s just senility that causes it, so you can’t blame me.

We did a show recently and a blokie came up to Carol afterwards.

A very most properly Port Out Starboard Home Gadgie was he, and he objected to Our Heroine in stentorian tones of outrage, disbelief and annoyance.

‘This was meant to be acoustic music – you used electric guitars[1] and a PA system.’

This clearly means that it wasn’t acoustic.

I suppose he had a point.

He also had a hearing aid.

And sat at the back.

Of a very large hall.

That had 110 people in it, all sat – logically – in front of him.

If we had done it acoustic he wouldn’t have heard a thing.

Does that advance the debate?

Thought not[2].


All of which nonsense brings me back to FG. We will be selling our Fender Passport 250 PA (old model, big, and plenty of push – nice sound too). That’s the one that clips together and makes one large box to transport. It is good, but not for the faint of muscle. I think I might mark it up as ‘collection only’, as the Postie might have a coronary[3].


We have been asked lots of times after ‘Stories’ shows, if we have a CD.

Naturally, we do.

However, the CD has the songs on it and not the stories, and some folks want both. The obvious answer seemed to be a live DVD, but that was fraught with technical issues and a hefty price tag to get it done, so we thought about a CD and book combo.

We didn’t have one of those either; but we do now.

Or almost.

The artwork is done, the words about 90% completed, the cover wrap is going to the printer this week, and you, you lucky little punter you, will be able to take away the music CD and a book of words with the stories in it. Sourcing images that won’t get me arrested for copyright infringement has been fun, but achieved[4].

Some new songs bubbling at the back of me bonce, and a couple of shows this week, plus the website to update and the book to finish.

Good job I’m not teaching this week.

Oh; it seems that I am.


And with that bombshell the Grim Reaper of Grimly Grimness romps into the singing room and surveys the Folk Club Faithful of Fetid Fatality and decides not to bother, I notice it is the end of this blog.

Until next week, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’



[1] I don’t think explaining about electro-acoustics or the Fishman system would have helped.

[2] I’m glad that’s all cleared up.

[3] And a hernia.

[4] …Honest, Your Honour


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