Short, but still as sweet…

Here’s a thunk to get you thunking on a Sunday morning.I’m sure you welcome the idea of getting the little grey cells from 0 to 60, it might help you avoid the decline into a grey and meaningless existence, devoid of joy or reason. 

Of course not all melodeon players are like that, just the ones who can still stand.

Anyway, back to the thunk of the day; if you were a bird (no the feathered variety ), which spuggy would you be.

As for me?

Be welcome, gentle reader and read on…
I am not, by nature covetous. I may see an acoustic chum wielding an expensive and shiny guitar, but it doesn’t make me want one myself. I am not especially greedy – at least, I hope not. I always know when I have had enough to drink as I have a built in early warning system called marriage- it never fails.

However, I am very acquisitive, if I were one of our feathered friends, I’d be a magpie.

It is a matter of purest coincidence that I hail from the northern playground of the rich, Newcastle. That magpie association is best denied this season anyway. No, in my case the shiny objects hidden away in my nest tend to be musical, and often, music technology.

This week we have had the builders in. Or at least a plasterer, which is very nearly a builder. This has of course has meant the turning out every cupboard and box that we possess, and the consequent realisation that we have enough kit – unused kit – to start a shop.

So it looks like that’s what we’ll do.

It will be an eBay shop, probably without the shop bit, but we hope to see if we can turn some gear into a few pennies (it will be pennies) and create some space while passing on some wonderful kit to a new home, safe from my ham fisted efforts.

So, what sort of gear?

Well, there will be some instruments, maybe a mandolin, maybe some guitars. But there will be some music tech kit, most of which will rejoice in the advertising title of ‘retro’.

Yes, I know it really means ‘old’, but it can also have flavours of ‘desirable’ and ‘sexy’.

I’m quite retro myself.

However, it can also have an aftertaste of ‘knackered’ and possibly ‘not entirely working’. So some stuff will have to go in the skip.

Just to flavour the pot, there will be a Tascam 488 mark II, a Yamaha QY 700 and a Roland D-10. All lovely and working.

Such fun.

The plasterer previously mentioned has left the building, we don’t like to keep them once they’ve done as they clutter the place up, but young Dan has done us proud. 

The only problem is that we now have a lot of decorating to do. And next week has six gigs in it.

And two of them are big.

And one of them is very big.

And the admin for FG is backing up.

Which is why, you lucky little acoustic minx, this is a very short blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep strummin


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