Easter Greetings

Easter means different things to different people. For some it is a time for family, others embrace the religious significance attributed by whichever branch of faith to which they adhere. Still others see it as simply a holiday, and a few – very few, run to all three.

It should come as little surprise that in FG land we cling to none of the above. We see family all the time, not just at Easter, the religious significance we leave to others better placed to resolve, and every day, Acoustic Chums, is a holiday.

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…


Oh, I forgot about the chocolate.


This week has been another one of those weeks.

Five shows in four days, three Care Homes and two ‘Stories’ shows kept us busy enough. We are becoming adept at fast turnrounds, which has been very useful this week, as one outing left us outside the hall (probably the best place for us) until ten minutes before the advertised start time.

To be fair, the rest of the audience was outside with us so we weren’t lonely, but it did make for a slightly rushed setup. The show, naturally, went on.

A few more bookings have turned up, some Care Homes, some bigger U3A shows, and gratifyingly, more stuff for 2017.

All of which means that we’ve also been looking to the show and thinking about what can be done to improve it. All the new songs are not yet in the current show, but we’ve still begun to looking at what goes in, what stays in, and what we like to play. Writing has just about started and the visual aspect of the stories show has been revisited, with a mammoth sequence added for a certain North Eastern song.

Now, it may be that you’d think this little lot was enough for two people of less than average ability for one week.

Not so, oh my hearty chum.

For this week is the Week of The Plumber. And Next week, if the portents be true, the runes speak and the stars align; is the Week of the Plasterer. Even musicians go to the loo, and without putting you off your Easter Bunny, our plumbing situation, instead of involving a super-silent soft flush with instant refill, has been operated by something much more like a bucket. Plumbers operate to their own astrological time system, so it’s been a while, but this week, normal service has been resumed, allowing us (flushed with success) to start emptying a few rooms ready for a Plastering type to drop by this week and make our walls as smooth as a Malteser’s bum.

We shall soon be completely plastered, meaning that we can chat to the Wrinkly Wroadies on their level.

Add to that lot all the live gear, the extra furniture, the display cabinet fastened to the stairs with a piece of string and the large tools employed for the purpose of braying off skirting boards, and you may understand, Gentle Reader, why I am pleased that it is the holiday weekend.

And so, as I realize that you have better things to do, possibly involving chocolate, alcohol and perhaps even prayer, we bid you all a very Happy Easter.

Whether you want it or not.

Until next time, Acoutic Chums,

Keep Strummin’



1 thought on “Easter Greetings

  1. Now there’s a connection…. firstly, easter greetings to you in return. Second, toilet flushing problems here in chez Graham required the attention of a plumber. And third…the band played six shows in one week.

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