Back on the road again…

Last week you will readily agree that my mind was unbalanced.

Nothing especially unusual about that, but in this instance Influenza was to blame, not simply the random tappings of a febrile, and quite possibly unhinged mind.

If you recall, a dulcimer playing carthorse was attempting to play at the local Folk Club.

Which is silly[1].

So, with ‘flu a receding (if not receded) memory; what will get the blame this week?

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…


This week we received an interesting observation from an Acoustic Chum. It said, in broad terms, that we might get further in Folk Clubs if we did less Care Homes.

I know that the observation was meant kindly; but we were rather interested by it.

So were others who got in touch to express their own views.

My take, for what it is worth, is that we will certainly not stop doing Care Homes, and that whether we do them or not has very little to do with what we might do in Folk Clubs. The Care Home stuff is very separate, musically, from the rest of FG. It’s much more of a targeted thing – no FG songs at all, just stuff for residents to relate to, sometimes helping to turn the key to allow a temporary excursion out of dementia’s darkened room.

As for Folk Clubs; regular readers will know that I hold fairly trenchant views on the subject. It seems to me that Folk Clubs have changed, even in the short time we have had anything to do with it. These days most seem to be social organisations, attended by a solid group of regulars, who regard it as ‘theirs’ and don’t really want to be troubled by guests other than those on the ‘approved’ list. Most, simply want their ten minutes.

And there’s nothing wrong with that either – if that’s what it is, then that’s what it is[2].

And another thing…

We’re very busy with the FG big show. Village Halls, U3A, all sorts of organisations. This week we played an after dinner show at a Golf Club. It was hot, tiring and quite late. It also went down a storm with a packed room singing along at the top of their voices, everybody having a whale of a time.

So when it comes to Folk Clubs, the question, I’m afraid, is….



In other stuff, this week has been pretty good. Not enough done as I’ve had to catch up on a bit of work for the Man, but we have managed to play a couple of Care Homes and a big show, with a busy patch coming up. We’re still selling tickets for the theatre shows, so fingers crossed. And the new CD still isn’t quite ready, but if God is in her heaven, it will be shortly[3].

We also supported a Charity initiative led by Bill Toy (Ovingham Folk Club – that’s a nice place). In support of Tynedale Hospice, an evening was held at Ovington Club. Ovington is notable insofar as it as hard to find as Brigadoon, but we managed it in the end.

A number of Acoustic Chums took to the stage and it was a splendid evening, which raised nearly £400 – well done Bill. We sloped off early as I was still coughing, but t’was a fine evening.


There is one advantage to having a bad dose of flu – I haven’t seen the Wrinkly Wroadies all week.

However, I have it on good authority that they are fine, keeping warm and lubricated. We intend to get them back on the road soon.

I think the middle lane of the M1 is the best bet.


This week I shall close with a story not from music but from education.

I visited a school on World Book Day this week. All the pupils were dressed up as characters from their favourite stories. I had a mixed year 3/4 class to do some Coding with. A little girl popped up in from of me as the class was coming in. Giggling mightily, she proudly showed me her Princess’ outfit, complete with (and a huge flourish) flashing lights in the ballgown. She was beside herself with delightful pride as she cavorted, in fits of giggles, to her seat.

And then I had to teach her about conditional variables.

Pass me a guitar.


And so as the fog of war is blown away by the winds of peace to reveal that the Generals are fine thank you, I notice, it is the end of this blog.

Until Next Time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’







[1] I mean, who plays dulcimer these days?

[2] …and there are many honorable exceptions to this rant.

[3] Please note, God is not in her heaven this Sunday. It’s Mothers Day, so the kids are taking her out.


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