Flopsy, Mopsy, Rottontail and Jim gamboled gaily in the lush greenery at the bottom of Farmer’s Garden. It was actually a shady corner of the car park behind Heaton Club, but in their little rabbity brains it was Farmer’s Garden, so let’s leave it that way, shall we?

See how happily they play; each laughing at the antics of the rest as they tumbled and ran thither and yon.

Yon, turned out to be a large metal signpost. Jim Rabbit rubbed his little furry head ruefully where he had discovered the sign by running into it.

“I say chums,” He lisped breathily; “What can this say?”

The reading had eluded Jim Rabbit since his days at school had focused more on Carrots and a certain aspect of biology rather than literacy targets.

The other three exchanged sly glances.

“Why” announced Rottontail scrutinizing the skull and crossbones decorated gothic lettering announcing ‘Achtung Minen’, “it says ‘Magic Carrot Patch’”.

“The best way to get them, it seems,” continued Mopsy, “is to run into the middle of the patch and tap-dance”.

Jim’s little white tail flashed in the sun as he bounded off…

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on.


You may well wonder what has put me into such a cheerful mood. It’s not everyday you feel moved to blow up imaginary rabbits.

This week has been a little bit of a mixed bag, but on the whole, the pluses have outweighed the minuses.

The main minus was our gig at Seaton Delaval Arts Centre being postponed. There were a number of reasons, but storm damage to the backstage area didn’t help. The show is being rebooked for later in the year.

Tickets for Cleadon Little Theatre on 21st May are selling now, but there should be some at the door, if you feel like a run out.

little theatre cleadon

Otherwise this week, a care home and a U3A have filled the time nicely.

In the case of the U3A, it was also the catalyst for two big moves this week. The Scout HQ in Seaham Harbor is not the wooden hut you may immediately mentally conjure, but a very nice modern club facility. It was very full too. 92 people in the room (at least) and absolutely no space at all for PA, so we had to do it all acoustic – which for 92 is a push!

However, we did it and it went very well. But it did push us into thinking about the upgrade to the PA and after a sortie to PMT Music in Newcastle, we have upgraded to a pair of Alto TS 210 powered speakers. They sound great and work very well with our other gear. They aren’t too big or heavy (really light) and so won’t intimidate[1], but will fill a big room well, rather than blow folks off chairs.

So one big result.

Second thing to come from that show?

We got asked again for CD’s of the show we’d just done. As we are still bedding in the new setlist, it is the new songs – none of them recorded yet. The folks still bought other CD’s, but clearly we need to do something about recording the new CD.

So we did.

After years of chasing a ‘good’ sound, we tried a new approach, using our Zoom R-24 to help quickly track the main parts for importing into Cubase, and ‘Hey Presto’ it works!

So far, we’ve run test recording, but the indications are that it will significantly increase the speed of the recording process.

No title for the new CD yet, but I like ‘A String in the Tale’.

But then again, I would.


In other news, The Wrinkly Wroadies are preparing for a new season of touring by practicing drinking at home. They have purchased quite a lot of practice material, and I can report that their rehearsals are going really well. Mrs. Wrinkly Wroadie had been temporarily incapacitated by a poorly knee last week, this week she has just been totally incapacitated.


Hopefully we shall have more news next week…


Flopsy, Mopsy and Rottontail bounded up the stairs to the Folk Club, unable to contain their excitement.

You could see that from the carpet.

Unaccountably surviving being mysteriously blown sky high behind Heaton Club, Jim Rabbit had a gig this very evening that ever was.

Soon everyone had a drink, and, in the case of Rottontail, lots of drinks. They settled down[2] to watch the show.

Jim Rabbit took to the stage, bearing his new guitar, given to him just before the show by his three best chums in the whole wide world.

It was an unusual shape, but the others had assured him that it would sound unlike any other guitar he touched before. So, he sat in the spotlight[3], and did as he had been instructed with the lighter thoughtfully provided.

He really wished he understood the magic spell written on the front of his lovely red guitar: “Light Blue Touchpaper and retire”.

And as such nonsense fades into the sky, I notice it is the end of this blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’








[1] Especially since I took the big red 1100w sticker off the front. That’s max peak output by the way, they’re rated at 500w.

[2] Inasmuch as three p****d rabbits at a folk club can settle down.

[3] …where presumably he froze…


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