Sometimes, in the fastness of the night, a little light shines.

Sometimes, in the darkness of my dreams, a small voice screams.

Sometimes, when the world is low and times marches slow, a thought germinates into an idea.

That idea becomes the blog that you, oh Gentle Reader, read on a Sunday.

But not this week, so Lord knows what this is going to be about.

Welcome along for the ride, Be Welcome (twice) Gentle Reader (also twice) and read on…


Of course with the wonders of modern technology, it might not be Sunday where you are. It might not even be cold where you are, although I agree, that is rather far fetched. The Interweb means that you can consume your digital calories at a point in time to suit you. The wonders of modern computer science mean that you can not only chow down on data where, but also when you please.

Many acousticians have embraced this. Many with reluctance and misgivings. I’ve been looking at some Folky websites this week and they have a number of things in common.

They look awful and they are out of date.

A shop window, is very important. Ask any shopkeeper, but not after the match; he’s busy replacing the glass.

If our Acoustic Chums of whichever bent and persuasion, are serious about their music (and they are, oh boy are they[1]) it’s a shame that some of the sites I’ve seen this week look as if they were designed by something that cost a quid in W H Smiths fifteen years ago.

Which is about the last time it was updated.

Musicians will do anything to get a good player on board a project. Mates are always used of course, but only the ones who can actually play. If one cannot quite parp a tin whistle, and yet tin whistling is called for, then a good player will be sought out and unearthed like a little musical truffle[2].

Need a website?

Billy’s twelve year old daughter has just made one at school and can do it for you – perfect!


Especially as there are so many really good tools out there to make stunning websites, get them promoted and some of them even have the cutting edge that musicians really appreciate.

They’re free.


I heard this week that the Granny who fraudulently claimed the £33 million lottery jackpot was interviewed (before her arrest) and asked bluntly if she was attempting a fraud.

“Why would I do that?” she asked.


Talking of technology, as I tap away I’m listening to the 1979 epic The Pentateuch of the Cosmogony, by Dave Greenslade. Those of you with:

  1. Prog Leanings
  2. Jazz itchings
  3. Very long memories


will remember Mr. G. from bands such as Greenslade, and Colesseum. However this project was something else.

A triple vinyl release, the instrumental album, recorded entirely by Wor Dave using vintage synths (that’s the ones that sound good) was of epic vision and involved the artist Patrick Woodroffe who produced a sumptuous package, which included a gorgeous hardback book full of his paintings which illustrated the story.

Which had something to do with a spaceship.

The point is that the package was fabulous (and the music’s pretty good too), which makes me look at the humble CD and muse quietly; “H’mmm; it’s a bit boring…”

So maybe the next FG offering should come as an expanded Quad CD set, with out-takes, interviews, interviews with The Wrinkly Wroadies, an apology for the interview with The Wrinkly Wroadies, a DVD of a live performance, remixes, a book of photos of the band in the park, another book of the band nearly playing instruments, a poster of FG a poster of Steve, an apology for the poster of Steve, an exhaustive list of the gear and people (with pics), and a shrink wrap to keep the clarts off.

Well, one of those is slated to happen. As to which one, I’ll let you play a little guessing game.


This week has been the usual silliness in FG land. We have played twice, one Care Home and one big show at a large Hotel, to a room packed full of diners. One had overdone it a bit and managed to fall asleep before we started[3]. The choice of headrest was a bit unusual though. It was the PA.

Lovely gigs all and great fun. The silliness really came from all the admin we’re trying to get completed. My computers are littered with almost finished presentations for the new songs. We’ve just added a new song, the new setlist is hovering dangerously close to finished, and the bookings are steaming in like something that steams[4].

If you want to see what we are up to, and see what the more recent web design tools can do, then have a look at ours.

I hope you do, as Google analytics is telling me that some days we get 100 hits, then the next day (or two) we get nowt. That doesn’t seem plausible.

So I’ll be watching.


And so as the web designer of fate approaches the Folk Club of destiny with a light step and departs glumly with a flea in his ear and his mouse stuffed somewhere else, I notice it is the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


[1] After all, it’s Folk Music and therefore no laughing matter.

[2] If you’ve ever sat close to a Tin Whistlist, you will appreciate the appropriateness of the similie.

[3] Always a wise move

[4] But not that.


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