Doctor? Who?

I suspect Doctor Who is at the bottom of it.

Who (sic) else is better placed to ensure that the passage of time is not, as it should be, ordered, sedate and peaceful, but rather is a blur of clock hands waving a frantic ‘ta-ta’ to the passing minutes, hours, days?

Yes, it’ll be him all right.

He probably plays the banjo[1].

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…


As you can gather, the time at FG Towers is already zipping merrily by, and the music year is in full swing. This week, a Care Home, supporting a charity CD launch and the first big show of the year kept us busy. And, we’re still working on the new songs, new presentations and other aspects of the show. And, there’s a few shows coming up that need a bit of extra rehearsal. And, there’s the new CD, the website and the ever increasing (and very welcome) enquiries, emails and phone calls.


If I ever meet that Doctor Who, I’ll shake him by the hand. Life is pretty good really.


We’ve been trooping off to look at venues and have found another nice hall in North Shields. The New Exchange[2] has a very nice hall inside and of course a nice bar within the complex, usefully run by acoustic chum Gerry Beldon. It was at Beldon’s (how long did it take him to dream that one up) that the refugee CD was launched on Friday and a very nice boozer it is too. None of yer riff-raff in that joint squire, in fact I’m surprised that musicians are allowed.

Especially folky ones, whose reputation when it comes to keeping a clean floor is not flawless. However we were allowed in, AND on the furniture and a very nice night was had in very pleasant surroundings. We wish Gerry the very best of fortune in his new role as licensed victualler.


This show was also notable as Carol decided to see what happens when you throw a Martin Tenor guitar off the stage. We’d forgotten it would be a PA gig and so the Martin was mic’ed. The next song didn’t use the guitar, so it ended up propped by a chair.

Unsteadily as it turned out.

Good job we have thick skins and Gerry has soft floors.


The big show this week was in Stanhope where it snowed. However another new venue, The St Anne’s Centre was very warm and welcoming, and we had a great ‘Stories’ show with all the usual singing along and merriment.

The fact that the evening was also attended by lots of bottles of wine probably helped too!


I’ve been reading this week, with rather more than my usual cursory interest, the obits proffered for those who have left us already this year. Notably (in a musical sense at least) of course Mr. Bowie (nee Jones) who passed to the Great Gig in the Sky this week.

Now, I was never much of a fan, the great man’s music wasn’t really for me. However, as an innovator, performer, writer, door opener and all the rest of it, I stand in awe of his achievement.

So I’ve been reading with amusement posts along the lines of “Why all the fuss about Bowie, he’s rubbish” and similar sentiments.

These posters have a very narrow view of (musical) life, and obviously only like their own thing, to the exclusion of all other styles, and a closed mind mentality when it comes to trying, listening or even acknowledging the existence of other genres, styles and performers.

I wonder if they run a Folk Club?

They’d be good at it.


And so as the Tardis of fate materialises in some far dystopian future, the door hisses open to be greeted by metallic Dalek tones intoning; “welcome to the planet Banjo, Doctoooooor”.

Exterminate, that’s what I say.

Until Next Time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’





[1] Though goodness knows where he’d get one.

[2] Did it used to be The Buddle Arts Centre? I played there years ago with a bloke called Nick. We called ourselves ‘Gad’, because everything we played was G, A and D. How times have changed. Em now. Not every week, obviously.


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