The notablog blog post

Who can that be at the front page at this time of..?

Oh it’s you!

Well, I must say I didn’t expect… but no matter, it’s lovely to see you, come on in; pull up a page and start reading; mince pie?

Yes, yes, it has been quiet – you?

Same, yes, I thought so. It hasn’t been the same since we sold the kids.

Still; good price eh, and I’m sure they’ll be happy and soon get used to the dark.

So, you want to know…

…do you?

Very well, be Welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…


This is not a blog.

Which is clearly not true, but still, I’m sticking to my guns. It isn’t.

Not really.

An FG blog is many things[1] and should contain a few essential ingredients[2], such as what we’ve been doing, what’s new, and what is happening in the world of Acoustic Music. There are usually a few thinly veiled pokes at friends[3], a touch of abuse aimed at the Wrinklies, and Robert is married to yer Aunty.

But on this occasion there’s not much to report.

You think?


We are busier than ever, in between stuffing faces with large amounts of poultry and imbibing seriously unhealthy amounts of falling down water, we have noticed that it is 2016 soon. And then we start again, and have promised a new show.

Which is why we are busy.

New songs number at least four[4]. We’ve been down the FG archive and have had a bit of fun with Wrecker’s Prayer, The Voice and even Dream of The Vagrant, which has it’s musical score written in Latin.

Some of Carol’s basslines sound really quite nice.

Also, the new songs require stories and visuals so that keeps me occupied.


There has however been time to scoff nosh, talk to the kids (the ones who remain unsold) and entertain Wrinklies. We have been to one pub, and that was enough.

We’ve a family thing at New Year, and that’s all.

After that normal service will be resumed.

You have been warned.


And so as the old year drags a battered Eko Ranger 6 of fate off the stage, I see a youthful 2016 waiting in the wings with a brand new PRS Angelus SE Custom.

And what’s that on the edge of the stage steps?

Looks a lot like a banana skin to me…


Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’




[1] Except sensible

[2] Rubbish, rubbish and more rubbish. It’s essential.

[3] I say ‘friends’…

[4] Bevin Boys, Rose Petals, Juliet, Charley Chuck


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