Name that name…

Oh to be in Stanley, now the fog is come.
I can’t see me legs,
Can’t see me hands,
and I can’t feel me bum.

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…

What is in a name?
I mean when you stop to think about it; how important is the name?

Think of some of the really stupid names that have made it in the past – Evil Edna’s Horror Toilet, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Def Leppard, or even The Beatles are, when analysed, silly names[1].

So maybe it doesn’t matter then.
Yes it does.

My boyhood heroes all had names fit for a boyhood hero. For example, racing car driver Skid Solo, despite sounding like the washing instructions on a pair of underpants had a real hero’s name. Then there was Roy of the Rovers (surname of ‘Race’ obviously), The Wolf of Kabul; even the silly ones had good names – like Brassneck, and if you want a hero, you can’t do better than Billy The Cat[2].

So names do matter.

‘Fool’s Gold’ is not the subject of this discussion, although we do get asked, fairly regularly, and I have some story ready. We’ve told it so many times that it may have become true. And in case anyone asks, yes I do know about Iron Pyrites.

No, the name in question is for next years show. It’s getting a bit important now too, as we have quite a few bookings for it already. This year is called ‘Stories with Strings’. Those of you who have sat through it will know that we use a projector to tell the story behind the songs, and run visuals during the songs.
Oh, and we sing songs too.

We’re re-doing the show, bringing in new songs and new visuals, and finding some great stories relating to the songs that will bring it to life. The visuals are looking quite nice so far, and by hijacking my ability to play endlessly at a computer, there should be some nice effects too; but all relating to the story.

What we need is a name that gets this idea across in a pithy, snappy, punchy sort of way. I was going to use ‘Stories with Strings II: a string in the tale’, but it’s a bit of a mouthful, and I can’t see it on a T-Shirt. ‘Folkstory’ is another contender, but for some reason, it hasn’t really lit my fire.

Any suggestions (clean ones) would be welcome. If your idea is adopted your contribution will of course be recognised.
Just not fiscally.

This week has been a really good one. We played five shows I think. A great morning doing ‘Waters of Tyme’ for Probus began the week – it’s difficult playing at 10.00 am on a Monday, but they really liked it, which made it worthwhile, then another Waters for the good Ladies of Wark – again, another good show. A Care Home – that went fine, then two shows on Friday to really round the week off. We played ‘Folk on Friday’ at Woodhorn. It was in Marquee, it was wet, it was cold, and above all, it was empty.
By the end it wasn’t.

The place was packed, with people singing along like Billy-Oh with lots of lovely words at the end.
And no screen, and no pictures.

Then finally, Carlisle Folk and Blues Club at The Old Fire Station in the centre of Carlisle. A great venue this, lovely theatre style room, with great sound and lighting. Thanks to the club for the pics here. We opened for Reel Time, a Scottish semi-trad quartet, and we had a great time. Super on-stage sound, crystal front of house sound, good lighting, nice stage, lovely folks and a very good reception.

A big thanks to all.

car2 car 3 car1

No Wrinkly Wroadies again this week. This was because we celebrated the actual birthday of Mrs Wroady midweek. She did get merry, if ‘Merry’ describes it adequately. I don’t know at which point she became merry, as she came out of the house, told the gatepost she loved it, picked a fight with a passing pedestrian, then snored all the way to restaurant, where she showed us exactly how fine wine should be appreciated.
I didn’t know it involved a bucket.
Next week, it’ll be more of the same.
The music, not the wine.

And so, as the Hurricane of Fate blows the Fog of Despair away to reveal the Sun of New Hope, the Hurricane pauses to wonder why it is in Stanley and how it has managed to cause £20,000 of improvements, I notice it is the end of this blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] And all of them are real, too. Except The Beatles; that would be ridiculous.

[2] His only super power, as I remember, was the ability to get a really big helmet into a really small rucksack. I hope you didn’t chuckle.


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