On (and on) again…

Sorry, what, pardon?

What happened to that week?

It seems to have disappeared down the plug hole of time[1], I really don’t know where the time goes, but; and it is a but worth butting, it has been a very good week indeed, full of enjoyable things, enjoyable times, and very enjoyable gigs.

This must be worth reporting, mustn’t it?

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on.

Yes, it has been a really good week for us, in all sorts of ways. Although I am still talking this blog into an iPad, the old back injury (it’s a war wound, I don’t like to talk about it[2]) is definitely on the mend, I am now almost back to driving, back to full playing power (whatever that might mean), and back to being a complete pain in the wossname.

In other words situation normal.

It was a significant week for the fair lady Carol, featuring as it did, her birthday. Luckily, it was not a significant birthday, or that might have been expensive. As it was, she only received some cards, some chocolates, lots of perfume, some musical bits and pieces, a few outfits of clothes and a car.

Just as well it wasn’t a significant birthday.

We played quite a bit again this week, including a care home that we have not been to before, where they managed to turn out nearly the entire population of the home to come and join in with the FG care home extravaganza.

Once again we were very pleased to see them all singing along, swaying along and smiling. You certainly do not do care homes for the cash benefit – if you do, it’s probably for the wrong reason.

But we also had a couple of big ‘proper’ (if that’s the word) gigs.

We had our final engagement at Newbiggin Maritime Centre, the last of three concerts that we have done there. It is a wonderful venue, and they have helped us a lot, and we have also learned a lot about how to organise, arrange, plan etcetera an event. This was our ‘Waters of Tyme’ show, and it was great to see some faces returning for an extra dose of FG. It was the best audience that we have managed to pull out there, and was a very enjoyable evening.

And, it set the scene and laid the groundworks for the following evening at Stanley Civic Hall. It is now called the Alan Armstrong theatre, after an illustrious son of Annfield Plain. Of course, any son of Annfield Plain not currently detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure, may be described as illustrious, but at least the lad has been on the telly[3].

Stanley has got a town council. I am not very sure what a town council actually is, or how it differs from, let us say, a Council. However, they do try to improve the local community and area and do manage to get funding to put on their own events. Our lot managed to wrangle some funding from somewhere to have their own music festival. We are quite busy with events as part of this festival, but last night (unless you are reading the repeat) was pretty much the start of the affair. They put us on in the main auditorium, and we were privileged to have Jack Burness as the opening act. The main auditorium was set out cabaret style and we elected to play on the floor rather than high in the air on the main stage, instead we used the big proscenium as a very grand screen support. As screen supports go, it was very good at it too.

As this was a big deal for us, we took along all the gear needed to equip a musical ark – assuming that Noah’s mission (should he choose to accept it) would be to make sure that the new world was well set up for a folk gig.

Luckily, Carol’s new car was up to the task and with the help of the Wrinkly Roadies we managed to get all of the gear in and set up. That, Gentle Reader, is a story all to itself, and one that I might tell you in the privacy of a public house at some point in your, and my, future.

Mines a pint, thanks.

Proceedings were opened by the inimitable Mr Jack B Burness, who turned in his usual sterling performance. Luckily we were joined by a few of Stanley’s general population, who managed to work out the start time for themselves and turn up on the right day (that’s part of the story – another pint? Thanks). After Jack, we went on to do our Stories with Strings show, which at least you might say we have been able to practice.

A bit .

And it worked.

Everybody seemed to have really enjoyed the evening, and that certainly included us. The show went well, we had a great evening, everybody seemed to enjoy it and sang along.


Can I do it again please?

Pics of course courtesy of the Wrinkly Wroadies, who take pictures in all conditions (that’s drunk or sober, mostly the former)..

Of course, being a cunning sort, I could probably use this gig, and the success of it, to suggest to Carol that I need some more gear, perhaps another pedal or two – a new guitar – a new latest gizmo?

Oh – no; on second thoughts that won’t work, I’ve just remembered – there is another birthday next year, good job it isn’t a significant one either.

And so as a greetings card of fate opens to reveal the rude, but sadly very accurate abusive message about age, I realise that it is the end of this blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Anti-clockwise. This blog is nothing if not educational.

[2] Much.

[3] As opposed to CCTV


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