More bleating about the bush

You are very lucky you know.

Yes, if it if it had not been for the fact that I have done GCSE heroism.

Okay granted, I didn’t actually do the exam on the advice of the teacher, but I did do the coursework. Later, having left school, I did GVNQ applied heroism, (basic) –   Again, I did not actually matriculate, but I went to most of the lectures.

Some of them anyway. The ones that did not look as if they might hurt.

So, you can see you are dealing with our bona-fide hero, a card-carrying brave person of the first order. Mind you, my shoulder doesn’t half bl**dy hurt.

Be welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on.

This week has been a strange week again in the life of your troubled troubadours FG. This is only because my qualification in heroism does not in fact prevent me from bleating at regular intervals. However, am I going to let a little thing like this let me down?

Of course not!

It would take much more than that to stop me ruining your Sunday.

Unless you are reading the repeat.

We have been a little less frantic than usual due to the fact that it is the car that causes the greatest discomfort. However, we have managed to play are few shows, notably at Richmond U3a and a care home, and something else that slipped my mind. I must apologise to Acoustic chums Gerry Beldon and Stormcrow who we very sadly had to let down – in the case of Jerry it was at the very last moment. We were on our way to Whitley Bay, I had to ask Carol to stop the car, and while she rang Gerry to apologise, I was practising being a hero by lying on the back seat whimpering. However, we have been doing quite a bit of work on new songs, including a bit of work with the new pedal board. This is going to be very necessary it seems, as the other thing that has happened to us this week is that we have taken lots of bookings for this year and very pleasingly loads for next year. But, and it is a sizeable but, this to us means that we must lift our game a lot higher, the Stories with Strings show seems to be very popular. So we need to make it better, and that is primarily what we have been busy with.

Carol has been very busy acquiring at a moments notice a whole new set of skills. Such as web editing, configuring the email clients, and, as I stand and talk like an idiot to an iPad, sorting out the images for this weeks blog.

The images are of course the work of our venerable wrinkly roadies, thank you for all of your good wishes sent to Pauline to help her deal with the problem of drinking four large glasses of wine with every meal. Your kind thoughts have certainly helped, as it is now five glasses.

The pictures are of our appearance at the Shotley Bridge Eisteddfod, (you have no idea how impressed I am with a speech recognition system that can deal with Eisteddfod). This was a charity event organised by Consett British Legion, and once again, we were delighted to support – although it didn’t look much as though they needed our help!

We have not darkened the doors of a folk club for some considerable amount of time. Leaving aside the incredible relief that this has brought to a number of folk clubs, it may be time for us to reacquaint ourselves with that particular set of boards. This may be a week or two hence as it will depend on my shoulder relocating itself into the correct position just below my head and a considerable amount north of my bum. However perhaps we could drop in as an icebreaker, to the Kings Head and Washerwoman’s Legs folk club which is still, we hear, held on a Thursday in the back room (unless the leek club is on).

Although we have never actually been to the club, many of our friends certainly have. The aforementioned Stormcrow did a gig there once, as have acoustic chums jiva.. Chairman Dave runs a fairly conservative institution. Conservative is one way of putting it Communist is probably another. However, I have a cunning plan to help Fools Gold break the ice with the club and get us to fit in very well with the ultra-conservative folk club audience. It involves several lasers, some dry ice, and a full motion liquid plasma video screen displaying psychedelic patterns while we play Sam Hall.

What can possibly go wrong?

And so as the paracetamol of fate begins to loosen it’s grip I notice that it is time for the Ibroprofen of relief, the Stella of release and consequently, the float away of folky psychedelia.

(I won’t tell you what the software though ‘folky’ was)

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


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