Suits you, sir…

We are still having fun. What’s more, audiences are joining in.


What we need is some method of communicating to you, Gentle Reader, some method of what we’ve done, where we’ve been and to liberally season the same with a sprinkling of (not to put too fine a point on it) rubbish.

So what a coincidence it is that you’re here.

Be Welcome, and read on.

Coming up:

14      Fusiliers Museum (Alnwick Castle, Northumberland)

two performances of ‘Beat The Drum’

15      Care Home Performance

18      Folk Festival, Bewl Water, Kent

Blimey, a quiet week…

(more at:

jiva; they do it. Mind you, as usual they go too far, as they even do it in their jim-jams. Other Acoustic Chums do it too. Andy Higgins, star guitar pilot of ItsAcoustica does it in spades, but is subject to a cease and desist order for doing it. Bill Adair is famous for doing it. Famous.

We do it too.

A bit[1].

At least we make an effort.

Not everyone does it though. In fact some performers seem to be dead against it.

Yes, it’s the noble art of putting on clothes.

Not fancy dressing, as playing the guitar is tricky in a Chicken Suit, and it would be silly. We take the view that a performance is just that. What you say matters, how you play matters, how you look, likewise, matters. When we have a hall or room, we try to make the tables look nice, even to the extent of distributing the odd cheesy wotsit. Each table gets a lick, then they pass it on. We can get two gigs out of one if we’re careful.

If we charge folks to come in, we try to make the whole thing as good as possible. So, we notice other people’s approach, jiva and the famous black and purple, Andy and his noise abatement order shirts; most people try. Which makes it more noticeable when we see those what don’t. Some artists take the view (it seems) that it’s all about the music. What the performer is wearing doesn’t matter.


If I pay a fiver to see you mate, I’ve made an effort and I’d like you to do the same.

The big gig at The Alun Armstrong Theatre has changed again. Stanley Town Council has got readies from some funding and has, in their largesse, organized a Music Festival. A fortnight long, there are lots of musical activities happening, most featuring local artists.

The theatre thought it would be a good idea to move our show under this umbrella, and I’m inclined to agree.

Tickets are heavily subsidised by the festival funding, so you can get in and see us for £2.

It will be on Saturday 15th August at 7.00pm.

‘Us’? Yes us. We’re delighted to announce that opening the evening will be Jack B Burness, and it’s great to be with Jack on the same bill.

This week has been nutty again, two Care Homes, a college, an art gallery and a town hall. Not bad for a quiet week.

Standouts were probably the Python Gallery in Middlesborough, a great evening and a repeat booking for next year, and Weardale Town Hall on Saturday.

A very small audience turned out, but we had a great evening – I really enjoyed it. Interestingly, some of the audience run their own events, so – good result.

The Town Hall in St John’s is a lovely venue, and just the right size, hopefully, if we go back again, word might have got round…

Oh, and the pedalboard is finished and looks like it was made by a cabinet maker. Fair enough a three year old cabinet maker[2], but…

Pics this week are again from The Wrinkly Wroadies, Pauline has impressed audiences this week by restraining her alcohol intake during gigs to four pints. Mind you, four pints of gin is still quite a lot.

It’s a short blog this week; you can thank me later, Stella, please.

And so, as the shadows lengthen over the deck of the good ship folk, and the wind drops to a force nine gale, I notice we are set fair for a safe passage.

What’s that ahead in the distance, looks a bit, sort of rockish…

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Yes, that is me dressed up. What are you implying?

[2] Bind, armless and clueless. Good title for an album.


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