Fzzzt- Bzzzzt – and zzzzzzzzz

Some weeks are gentle, sedentary even. Then again, some weeks are busy. Others again might be manic, and every once in a while you get a week like this.

And it’s been: “Arggghhhhhhh!!!!”

But in a good way.

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader and read on…

Yes this has been pretty much Arghhhh all the way. But definitely in a good way. Maybe not in a ‘let’s do it all again tomorrow way’, but it seems, in a ‘let’s do it all again next year’ sort of way.

Avid readers of the FG website[1] will be aware that this week we have been to sunny Hertfordshire, (it was sunny too) and equally sunny Essex. We have done five stints of playing, four proper gigs and one folk club floor spot. Stevenage U3A, Hatfield U3A, Brentwood 61 Club and Stortfolk at Bishop Stortford. All good shows (a couple of them really excellent from our point of view[2]), and invitations to return all round made it a grand week of playing. Add onto it a trip to North Yorks today to do ‘Beat the Drum’ at Festival on the Moor, and you’ll forgive me for being, what clever doctors often refer to as, Pooped.


Somewhat tiredish.

But, happy little FG that we are, we’re very, very pleased with the week. Not so much of a gallery this week, just a few shots of what we did on our holidays.

Was it a ‘tour’?

In our little rose tinted world, yes it was, and we enjoyed the Folk ‘n Roll lifestyle to the full. We were doing our bigger shows for U3a’s and the like, so that meant lots of kit. All the PA, screen etc. etc. Not a good idea to leave it in the car overnight, so into the hotel then. Imagine my delight at being informed that ‘Sirs room is on the first floor’.

Oh Joy. So up and down we went with all the gear.

They must get some very funny guests in these places; I staggered in after one show lugging the screen in one hand, cross bandoliered with laptop, projector, bits bag, bass on my back and my guitar in the other hand. Key card between my teeth, this was going to be a logistic challenge. Not to worry, helpful Travelodge Handmaiden on, er, hand, to help. She opened the door and smiled me through, never once turning a hair at my burden. I looked like a cross between a Martin door to door salesman and a really useless terrorist, but no comment made nor eyebrow raised. Someone did look at the screen though – ‘What instrument is that?’ they asked.

‘A big one’ quoth I, flippantly.

some pics with people and places in. Thanks to The Venerable Peter Taylor for the Botton Village pics.

You may wonder where the fair Lady Porkie was during this roadifying.

To be fair, so was I, but she was on security duty back at the car; a job that apparently requires wine.

Basically we had a b****y good week, thanks for asking.

In other news, you may recall that we have been searching for ‘something’ that we can use live to develop the shows, and especially develop and fill our live sound. Not another musician, they’re expensive, and frankly a bit weird; so backing tracks? No, definitely not. Tried it and it was awful, too wooden, not real, bad idea. Sample sections? I thought that might work, but, in the end it was too technical, to clever by half and way too fiddly.

Then while using the free Travelodge 30 minute wireless access, I found the answer[3]. It was a damascan moment[4]. Yes, we think we have a plan, it looks good, it (probably) will sound great, oh and the other thing we’ve got – and the final piece of the puzzle that pulls it all together….

…what are they…

…bzzzt, fzzzt, oh no, looks like my 30 minute free wi-fi is up, as the great gauge of wi-fi entitlement plummets like the UK Eurovison vote, I notice it’s all we – fzzzt- time for,

Bzzt next time Acoustic chums,

Keep strummin’ fzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

[1] What do you mean, ‘I’m not’ round here mate, it’s an entry requirement, like a cassock at a synod.


[2] This view may or may not be shared by the audiences. We’d like to hope…

[3] Terms and conditions apply, exclusions may affect the final settlement and your sanity may be at risk if you do not keep up payments.

[4] I did that one the other week, I’m not doing it again…


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