One thing and six others…

What with one thing and another, it’s a surprise this blog has made it into print (is it print if it’s online? – Discuss) at all. Nothing bad you understand. Unless you count a broken washing machine, two broken strimmers, a day spent at work (the real sort, not that pretend music stuff) and continuing adventures with cars. The there’s the Wrinklycare – they need the odd 5000 mile service, which has nothing to do with oil and water, but everything to do with curry and beer.

So, what with one thing and six others, there can’t have been much time for musical adventures, can there?

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on.

We knew that this month (and next) were always going to be busy. In fact this is the busiest spell FG has ever had.


As an idea, this week was:

Barnsley Folk Club Guest spot.

Two care homes

A large museum gig

A couple of meetings re gigs

Rehearsing for the Essex ‘tour’ next week

A poster drop in Newbiggin

… and a ton of admin.

Where to start really?

Barnsley was good, low numbers, but good. It seems that Folk Clubs all over the country are suffering from the same problems, which is to say that they never know how many folks are going to attend on any given week. Nothing to do with us (a good thing I suppose), just general low numbers. As it happens, we had a grand evening and our set went down very well in the room, thanks to Dave and String Theory for giving us the opportunity to spread the gospel according to FG.

The care home shows were fine – one was really very good indeed with non-stop dancification from start to finish. Then on Saturday evening our visit to Sunderland Museum for the ‘Museums at Night’ event. On the face of it, it should have been a quiet night. We could easily have been musical wallpaper – and it has happened in the past; we’ve certainly played to four walls before now.

However it didn’t quite turn out like that.

The room – The Pottery Gallery – was fantastic. A huge Victorian space with natural reverb like a cathedral was set up cabaret style, complete with bar and colouring books. (Yes, colouring books). We took the lights, and despite the late evening sunshine pouring in through huge windows, they helped. Small PA setup, quick sound check and we waited to see if anyone was coming.

And they did.

Not in hordes, nor yet in droves, but respectable numbers, who were expected to wander round the museum and drop in for a drink and listen to us.

But they didn’t, they stayed.

We played two sets, a mixture of North East trad and our own and it went down probably the best ever it ever has. A great reception, lovely noises of appreciation, and basically a great night had by all.

Thence to the pub.


Pics this week are rather good and of course are the handiwork of the Wrinkly Wroadies, who are the first live action rock snappers to mount a Nikon to a zimmer frame.

Next week is the ‘Tour of Essex’ Two U3A shows, a 61 Club (same show, essentially), and guests at Bishop Stortford Folk Club on Thursday. Then back on Friday ready for a show at Festival on The Moor on the Saturday.


One highlight of the week gone was a visit to see long time Acoustic Chums and heavy metal tinklers, jiva. In spite of a hedonistic rock and roll lifestyle which has involved some journeys in excess of 30 mph, I am pleased to report that Val and The Jimster are in rude spirits. We spent some time in the famed Blue Room putting the Acoustic World to rights. When we left Jimmy was under orders to go and shave off his Abacanazar beard. We wish the jivsies the very best of luck with future engagements.

I see that Dave Futers has sadly passed away. He’s the guy who hand his hand on the tiller of Newbiggin Maritime Centre. We met him once, turns out he had the sound and light company that did the big shows at City Hall back in the day, including the big Lindesfarne shows. That’s why the lighting rig at MNC is so huge. We got on well and he booked us for a series of shows.

At the time, he was complaining about failing vision. Seems it turned out to be more than that. Best wishes for the great gig in the sky Dave.

And so as time passes ever onward and I look at the things still left to do; learn the guitar, learn to sing, learn to live without sleep, and – how does that PA actually work? I notice that it is the end of this edition of the blog. So, until the Whalelike Woman Warbles and the Eurovision Song Contest is over (quite often the same thing); until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


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