New Years Revelation


This is a word which you should treat with great caution. It usually means that either what is on offer is worthless, out of date or in some cases downright dangerous. If it comes from the mouth of a double glazing salesman it is almost certainly not true. If it comes from the mouth of a musician it will have a ‘but’ attached, and if it comes from the mouth of a Folk Club impresario, well, that’s life.

You wouldn’t catch me using such methods though.

Be Welcome Gentle Reader and read on.

The following advice is free.

Gather round, for I have wisdom to impart, such wisdom as I have to pass on to you, and which may save your life.

There are two phrases the married man requires in his lexicon, if he uses them wisely and uses them well[1], he will have a long and happy life.

What are these phrases?

Allow me to enlighten you.

  1. ‘Yes, Dear.’


  1. ‘Why not get them both?’

Use these daily and life will be good. Just don’t expect to be right all the time.

Lest you conclude that I have become (or always have been) some sort of closet misogynist with, apparently, a death wish; let me assure you this is not the case. This week, after a long period of reflection about what our next presentation show is going to be it was The Fair Lady Porkie who supplied the magic – and hitherto missing – piece of the puzzle. Incidentally some people think that in referring to Carol as Porkie, I am being abusive, or even a bit rude. Shows what they know as I’m still breathing.

‘Stories with Strings’ and ‘Beat The Drum’ have been two shows that we have had a lot of success with. This is where we play songs around a theme, with supporting visuals on a big screen, with a bit of narrative or chat between the songs. ‘Stories’ is unconnected songs with the chat and visuals being about the history, characters and events that inform the songs. ‘Drum’ is our World War One presentation and is, obviously enough, a series of songs linked by a common narrative.

These shows continue to be booked this year, but we wanted to develop the repertoire and have a third, new theme to offer, maybe even to Folk Clubs as well as the other consumers of FG’s output.

Trouble was, I couldn’t quite grasp the genie, that elusive Will O’ The Wisp thought that would be the theme, the key, the peg to hand the whole thing on.

Iced Lemon Tea proved to be the answer.

While in Town, Carol had suggested a coffee, and asked for said beverage, which duly provided she sat contemplating a flier illustrating a couple of outfits she was admiring.

We were chatting about the new show, songs we wanted in it, arrangements and so on, but the theme was stubbornly elusive.

Sipping the tea, Carol suddenly said “Why not call it……”


The whole thing instantly fell into place and made sense. Wonderful.

There was only one thing I could say.

“Why not get them both”

Of course you, Gentle Reader are now going to have to hang on a bit, until we get the thing to a point where it can be announced. Wisdom with age warns me against going off half cocked. Which reminds me; have you broken yours yet?

I refer of course to the wonderfully pointless custom of forming one or more New Year’s Resolutions. Pointless because it is usually at least the afternoon before they are broken, and by evening they lie in tatters and mercifully forgotten until next year.

We are no different, except that, being FG, ours are a bit more concentrated. So far, the list includes:

  • Get the new show sorted out (see above for no details at all)
  • Finish off the Harland recording project – that stalled again in December
  • Get a new CD recorded and out
  • Get some new material written

So far, all remain intact, in fact this year we have three songs on the starting blocks, with two of them looking quite hopeful. Also, re-reading our Book of Words, it looks like another two are floating about having been parked for various reasons last year.

So far we’ve played out once, a dementia unit, which if the New Years’ Honours recognised people who have big hearts, would have seen the staff laden with medals. Coming up we have more care homes, supported now by a dedicated website, and a lot of FG shows ‘proper[2]’. We’re very pleased to have been booked to play a support slot at Carlisle Folk and Blues Club in October, which brings our folk club bookings up to around half a dozen or so, which is very nice thank you.

None of which rambling is getting any of the jobs above done, so I shall just have to leave you with the realisation that as the hands of time travel across the clock face of destiny, it is important to remember that they each have two fingers with which to salute you.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] And uses them exclusively.

[2] Meaning we play our stuff, not the stuff people like. Hang on…


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