Fine thanks; yours?

Oh; fine thanks, quiet, y’know – just the family.

Actually, it was quieter than that as, for the first time ‘family’ consisted of only the Wrinkly Wregiment being on parade because all of the kids, along with wives, partners and in one case a mountain, had other fish to fry.

Just as it should be.

So it was quiet.


Oh, was it?


And there it was gone.

It’s a funny thing about Christmas that it starts in September and ends about half-past two on Christmas Day.

Or is that just my humbug?

Very well then; have it your own way, half past three.


The only really notable thing about Christmas is that there is no Fool’s Gold Blog.

Which, if you needed proof that you are still drunk, should clinch it, as you are apparently reading something that’s not there.


Well, strictly speaking this isn’t a full member of the FG blog, just a step-in temporary staff member, who has turned up in the holidays while the regular Joe is away.

He has in fact only the one duty, which is to throw the third lever[1].


This will launch an important part of the FG communications system and activate it upon the middle lane of the Information Superhighway, for you, Gentle Reader to appreciate, absorb and reflect. And probably not be able to overtake.


A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.


Normal Service will be resumed.

Whatever the £$%^ that is.


[1] (Master, not the third lever)



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