A week in a Tardis…

I wonder how one would write as a word the noise that a dematerializing Tardis makes?

‘Awooogahh Awoogahhh’ comes to mind, but I’m sure that means something else, probably unsavoury. Nonetheless, having set the sonic tone, I invite you, Gentle Reader, to consider the concept that it is possible to loose a week entirely, possibly by stepping into a cupboard (or police box) and upon coming out find that seven days have passed you by.

Awoogah indeed.

However, something must have happened.

Mustn’t it?

In order to find out, Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…


And so, we in dress order resplendent, on Friday for The Bridge Hotel in our own company for the purposes of admiring Messrs ItsAcoustica and Jack Burness.

Chiefly remembered before a note was struck by the wheeled warfare that was happening on the streets of the City outside. Usually punters can park outside or at least nearby this venue, but in this instance the entire annual product of Detroit[1] was intent on turning itself into scrap metal on the mean streets of Newcastle.

If not actually mean, perhaps just a bit grumpy.

Perhaps it was the end of the Black Friday madness? Perhaps it was an average Friday night in town? Whatever the reason, this motorized mayhem made us late and we waltzed up to the function room to find Andy and Cath already on stage and soundchecking – which segued seamlessly into their first number, which is apparently called “1-2, Test”.

For those not in the know (and remember Gentle Reader, that we get all sorts on here, even normal people[2]) ItsAcoustica are an acoustic duo much given to the writing and performance of rootsy, Americana tinged carefully painted songs, penned by Catherine and brought to a lively and melodic life through her singing and Viola work and by Guitar Captain Andy ‘Ace’ Higgins who plays guitar rather better than I do, but is still a nice guy. They drew a good crowd and the room upstairs at The Bridge is a nice venue, so not withstanding the traffic outside and an enthusiastic rock band downstairs (actually, just at the bottom of the stairs) we were treated to a very slick set by the Higgins Acoustic Massive, which included some new songs. Andy sported a large Movember ‘tasche, waistcoat and bow tie ensemble which made him look like he was auditioning for the part of Waiter in the Village People, thankfully Catherine had resisted the temptation. The music was as always very enjoyable, well presented and featured some virtuoso playing. If you get the chance to see ItsAcoustica, then do so forthwith.

Support was more than ably provided by local acoustic institution Jack B Burness. There cannot be too many in the North East who are unaware of Jack, his songs or his dry anecdotal delivery. As usual he delivered a flawless set and even managed to play in time with the aforementioned rock band.

The pictures this week, such as they may be, are courtesy of my old Canon PowerShot A470. A fact that I provide not to brag about my collection of antiques, but to indicate that it is amazing there are any pictures at all. Especially as for some reason I had loaded the camera up with the smallest SD card known to science, making ten shots the maximum for the whole night – clever me. So that’s why Andy looks like he’s leaping about the stage a lot.

That, and because he was leaping about the stage a lot.

A grand evening.


In other news, what have we done?

The week has hurtled by, each day whipping past like a herd of politicians racing towards the nearest denial. We played at The City Library for one of the History groups, all very nice, we’ve done more work on the recording side, so that’s going reasonably well at the moment, we’ve done a lot of promo, gathered a whole bunch of gigs (see website for details) for next year.

And we heard from The Sage.

Or should that be ‘Sage’?

It’s trendy, apparently not to use a definite article, but jump straight into the namey bit. Hence ‘Sage’.

I imagine we’ll be going there in Car, and I may take Guitar too.

Again, for normal people, the Sage, sorry Sage is an iconic arts performance venue in Gateshead, it was designed by an architect with both a sense of humour and apparently a drink problem, but the result is stunning. All the very best names have graced the halls there.

And we even played there once too.

Or should that be ‘twice’?

The Concourse stage has been re-instated, but with a twist this time round. Previously, Sage booked local artists of an acoustic persuasion to play on a Sunday lunchtime. As said previously, we did one of those and it was a fantastic experience – great place to perform in and lots of people to watch and listen – great day. However they canned that, largely I think down to cost cutting requirements, and then brought it back as a Jazz spot, which seems to have been short lived. In the new iteration of the concept, they are putting artists on the concourse during the evening of big concerts while punters arrive, have a drink and wait for the show. Jolly fine notion that.

We applied sharpish, and heard back this week.

They try to pair up the act on the concourse with whoever is on the main stage, so we are very pleased, nay; chuffed to ribbons to be playing for the audience of Kate Rusby.


We really cannot claim to be ‘supporting’ Kate Rusby as we are not even in the same room. We can’t really say that we are ‘opening’ for Kate Rusby as she probably has no idea we’re there.

So, in the interests of truth and decency, on April 15th 2015 7:00pm onward Fool’s Gold will be supporting and opening for Kate Rusby at Sage Gateshead.


I notice that the sand timer of fate is trickling towards the bottom, and only the lumpy bit of destiny can prevent the inevitable last drop of time from bringing another week, and indeed blog, to a close.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’





[1] On reflection that isn’t a particularly helpful analogy these days, as the annual production of Detroit is best measured not in cars but in murders, repossessions and the occasional corruption scandal.

[2] Who are lost.


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