Simply a maze(ing)


He was the man for the job.


Because he had pockets.

There will be a link to acoustic music here.

Won’t there?
Be Welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…



It’s obvious really. Finding the Minotaur in a pitch black[1] maze, then single handedly disconnecting said beastie from its head is all in a days work for your Classical Hero. If they couldn’t do something a simple as that they shouldn’t be in the job.

No it was the pockets wot done it.

I mean, finding the grumpy beastie should not have been much of a trick, after all that Humus and Olives, I’m sure the Minotaur found him. And then wished he hadn’t.

No, the clever bit was not the getting in, but, as is so often the case, it’s the getting out that takes skill, and of course, a ball of string.

See; the pocket was important.

Theseus paid out the string on the way in and was therefore able to navigate his way back out again, once his heroic credentials had been validated.

I could have done with him this week.

Someone who can find the way around a maze in the dark, without much idea of what is round the corner.

And it’s all Liz Franklin’s fault.

We were guests on her rather jolly Folkal Point show this week, broadcast weekly on Teesdale FM and as we sat and listened to playback on the studio monitors, I was struck by the comparative quality of our recordings against those of others. That’s a bit tough when we just have a home project setup, but nonetheless the difference was there. So, we decided that our Christmas present to ourselves, would be brought forward. Duly a PreSonus 1818/VSL now sits in the audio chain to deliver a much better sound to Cubase from the outside world. And we got it knockdown too.

And hooking it up to Cubase is where Theseus could have leant a hand. The setups are positively Labyrinthine and the manuals may as well have been Greek. He would have been the lad to help get all the virtual connectors, control panels and other bits of virtual gubbins talking correctly to all the other lumps of electronic wossname that make the recording world go round.

I am pleased to report that it all seems to work just fine now.

How does it sound?
I don’t know, it’s taken long enough just to get it going…

I couldn’t have had Theseus helping me anyway, even if he had turned up with a ball of string.

You know what they say about Greeks and gifts.


So apart from Liz’s show, which was as always, fun to do, we have been busy in other musical endeavors. We have more gigs confirmed for 2015, and have made some progress with the recording of the new big project. We should be asking helpers to help before long. The music is ploughing its own developmental furrow and I have not reigned in any creative impulses so the midi interface has been glowing white hot this week.

That was after our trip to Ayr last week to play at the Windy Ha. Wullie the Sound was on hand to make sure we could be heard, and it’s fair to say that we could. The gig was in a Bar and we were on between a local singer/songwriter and a couple of local rock bands.

We did our 40 minute set and as is sometimes the case, it seemed as if the folks were more or less oblivious to our noodling and crooning.

However when we finished, we got a lovely reception and an immediate rebooking.

It’s a funny old world.

Next, and we for Stockton, in good order with breastplates shiny to the folk club in The Sun Inn. We haven’t been for a year and a half, but it was a familiar set of faces to greet us. We only did two as it was special remembrance night, so two of the Beat The Drum set trotted duly forth.

Pics courtesy of the Wrinkly Wroadies, who manage to take several hundred pics at every club. Just as well, I might look normal in one of them.


A friend said recently that he read the blog.

I was intrigued and asked what he thought of it.

He contemplated for a while and when the smell had gone, he ventured: “It’s like reading Radio 4”.

I don’t know if it was a compliment or not, but I was chuffed to bits.

So in the style of that venerable institution, I offer you, Gentle Reader, not The Shipping Forecast, but rather, The Folking Forecast.

This is the Folking Forecast for the British Isles from 1800 hours until 1030 hours today.

The King’s Head: Depression, cold, occasional singing. Mostly trad, falling.

The Viking: Light Song heading Southerly with occasional instruments. Raffle later, winner in bar.

The Cromarty Arms: Mostly songs, waistcoats, some misery. Mood backing to suicidal later.

The German Bight: Folk Music? Rockall.

From Aberdeen to the Mull of Galloway outbreaks of Dancing, Depression deepening Northerly, Severe warning of pipes.

Attention all Folkies, especially in some areas between Selsey Bill and Whitby, Heavy Morris, becoming drunker, never good. Moderate.

And so, as the insult counter of fate registers the high score of destiny and the readers of confusion cry ‘tilt’, I realize it is the end of this edition of the blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


[1] I could have said Stygian, but I felt that was taking the classical references to an unnecessary extreme.


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