And so, to work…

The world of part time work, is much better than the land of full time work, except for those bits of time when you have, for want of a better expression, to work.

The life of the musician(s) can also be isolating. Rehearsing, writing, recording and admin – all the back room activity that is, for want of a better expression, the work.

Family duties similarly (by now you should really know where this is heading), while not onerous, rather often joyous, still need to be worked at and serviced, and that requires, for want of another way of putting it, work.

You really should have gathered by now that there is a trend appearing and probably an excuse coming.

So, only one thing for it – Be Welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…


This week I have had to play at Learning Consultants for a couple of days, which is actually quite a nice way to play; sometimes I can even help.

I think.

Then a family wedding – yes a real white dress, flowing veil and smart uniform jobby. We wish Brad and Laura all the very best of fortune for their future life together. It was a grand day.

In Arundel.

So I spent at least two days on the M1, which if fun could be numerically calibrated would explore the deeper, darker recesses of negativity. But would get ten from Len, probably.


So music then?

Well, we did manage a gig at a Care Home we’d not been to before, but are going back to so I suppose it went well. We did manage a couple of very short practices for the Christmas Set, which is looming very large on the horizon, time for the cotton wool beard, the silly hat and let the fun commence.

At least that’s what it says on the big tin of ‘Oil the fun of Christmas’ I got from eBay.

I hope it’s alcoholic.

I think we’ve got 16 shows in December, given the month effectively finishes for us on the 23rd, that’s not too shabby I suppose.

Then there’s the admin.

This year has been daft for us. We’ve explored new places to play and even new ways to play. We’ve played in all the usual and most of the unusual places. The trick now is to keep it going. That is Carol’s department, so she has been sending off emails, making phone calls and building a contact list like a little good ‘un. The seeds are sown, the conversations starting, so now we will just have to see what happens in 2015.

Which is the last bit of news; one thing that will happen is another CD. This will be ‘The Cautionary Tale of Harland Goodnight (thief)’.

Snappy, huh?

This project has been on the back burner for around two years, songs written, melodies worked out then more or less parked while we did other things.

This is a different project as it is (wait for it) a concept album.

Yes, I know.

However, it’s on the way.

The tale, all about a young man from Ashington who in the late 1800’s makes his way to London to find a life of crime and an unhappy ending, is hopefully going to be supported by a number of acoustic chums contributing to the recording, either singing the parts or playing, thumping, tapping, parping, scraping or even plunking whatever it is they thump, tap, parp, scrape or plunk.

I think there is something on the website about it.

Next week, is normal service with six gigs, including two days with two shows.

Bring it on!

Before I leave you, I must share the news, dripped into my eager ear by someone who was there (I wasn’t – it’s been a busy week so we couldn’t go).

Apparently there has been more outrage at The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club.

In a club where ‘outrage’ is pretty much considered a starting point for something more interesting, this is not unusual, but this time they started the outrage themselves, from, as it were, within.

Apparently the Landlord, dissatisfied with the numbers the club has been getting and consequently the low bar sales, told Chairman Dave that he had to wake his ideas up and get more folks in. Naturally, he did this from a very safe distance lest Chairman Dave’s celebrated tendency to eat people he dislikes kicked in.

However a quick committee meeting, which is the usual method getting people to agree with Dave, generated a few ideas to put bums on seats.

Dave has never been one for the great outdoors, preferring to leave the appreciation of the natural world to others while he eats it. However, he does know that others like it, so he was keen to approve a suggestion that the club have a Naturist Folk Evening.

The posters went up and apparently it caused quite a stir when two local organisations interested, presumably in Folk music, turned up, as it were ‘en masse’.

Well, it certainly put bums on seats.

As the word count climbs once more, and the call of Cubase grows ever louder, I feel the call of the recording studio, in much the same way as the folk club virgin feels the call of the loo, just before going on.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’












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