Let’s do covers…

Strange the things you think about after a gig.

Usually about three in the morning, when the house is quiet.

The questions you ask yourself – did I get that song right? Did the audience like us? Is naked crowd surfing appropriate for Care Homes?

For the answers to this and more, go somewhere else. However for drivel in a similar vein, Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on.


Did you, as a youngster, get up to that thing I used to do all the time?

I hope you didn’t, as it was unhealthy, a bit smelly and guaranteed to bestow the status of social outcast if the neighbours found out.

But apart from that, what about the other thing?

I refer of course (and this is where we get back, as ever, to the music) fondling large bits of cardboard – in this case, the LP sleeve.

MP3’s are very convenient, they’re cheap, easy to make, easy to store, easy to play and generally sound ok. There are plenty of other digital formats too, FLAC, OGG-Vorbis, Wav and quite a few others.

And there’s nothing to fiddle with.

Sometimes you can download a digital document that supports the CD – usually a .pdf which you can read on screen or print out.

And it’s Not The Same.

And – that’s to quite ignore CD’s.

And so we should too, as a CD fondler would arouse my instant distrust simply because the covers are so small, the printing inevitably unreadable and the pictures tiny.

Cassettes? Too far back in ancient history even to consider.

So why the LP fiddling as my diatribe for this week?

I miss the old LP covers, the gatefold sleeves, the included posters, stickers, lyrics and all manner of bits. The band information, where it was recorded and when.

Then there is the artwork.

The great big pictures in which to lose oneself while listening were a real joy to behold.

One of my heroes is Roger Dean, he of Yes albums fame, and another is a nice chap called Dave Greenslade who had a good idea when he made The Pentateuch of the Cosmogony as the sleeve and the music made up two parts of the whole.


While I am delighted with our new CD ‘Dancing with Moonlight’, I feel that there is something missing. I saw on FaceMoan that someone was advertising their new CD on pledge basis with handmade, bespoke and individual packaging – a nice idea.

But I still fancy making a proper LP sleeve for our stuff, with all of the bits, the pictures and rubbish.

And there is no reason it couldn’t contain a CD, is there?


A slightly quieter week for FG this week and we only went out twice to play. We did a Church Social evening on Monday which was great fun, everyone singing along at the top of their lungs; then a road trip up to see Jack at Netherton Folk Club. Netherton isn’t where the road stops, just the reason for having the road. It is right out in the Northumberland sticks and a very nice spot indeed. At least we are told it is a very nice spot; every time we go to or from the place it is pitch countryside black. It was Geordie Night when we went and so we duly did some original and traditional Geordie songs. A nice reception and very nice comments afterwards. Two highlights for us, one was a very nice gentleman (American Tom) showing us his iPhone will all the FG albums on the playlist – wow; and a man who spoke to me afterwards saying how disappointed he was that we hadn’t done more – that made the journey very worthwhile, thanks folks!

The images are of course courtesy of The Wrinkly Wroadies; other bands have road crews that shin up lighting rigs or run around in T-Shirts flashing ‘Access All Areas’ passes, but none of them have our Wrinkly Wroadies.

But if you would like them, please send an address and some postage.

A very quite week ahead as we sally to the South Coast for a family wedding. A long white dress will be involved as well as a veil and high heels.

He’s a funny lad, but…

Oh, Carol tells me it’s our Daughter, so I can relax….


And so as the Sun of Folk sets over the Yardarm of the Wedding March and the Folkies of Fate start to dream of a Guinness laden reception, I notice it is the end of this blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’



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