Short Change

I hope you don’t feel short changed, really; I don’t.

It’s not nice.

There you are, walking home in the very early morning after a pleasant evening with friends spent, largely horizontally, at your local opium bordello, when you realize that you have change in your pocket from five pounds.

And you’re sure you gave her a tenner.


(for those of a nervous disposition, an alternative would be to substitute the bordello for a sweet shop, which, in some ways, would work)


Either way, that’s when you feel short changed.

And I hope, small Acoustic Chum, by the end of this blog, you don’t feel that way.

Why so?
Be Welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…


Basically it comes down to lists.

Oh, and deadlines, them too.

This blog malarkey is great fun, but boy, does it eat into time – it’s not that I don’t have much to tell you, what with the Fool’s Gold adventures we’ve been having and are about to have. Far from it, in fact as you have already discovered, I can tap away about nothing at all.

No, the worry is that because we have so much to do, that this might be in the running for the fastest tapped blog ever – and that’s why I hope you don’t feel short changed.

Of course if you’ve been to a bordello, it probably serves you right.


This week gone has been totally musically nuts. Six playing events, that’s two care homes, two libraries, a National Trust property and a large plastic box.


The library shows are going very well indeed, thanks for asking, and we’re getting better at the presentation, so the Stories with Strings shows are getting quite popular. We played Esh Winning and Newton Aycliffe libraries this week and both shows went down well with re-books – which is a good indication as to whether it went well or not. In fact we sold out of CD’s, which is a new and rather pleasant experience.

Which brings me to another list item: the new CD.

It is finished!

More or less.

The main recordings are all done, the rough mixes completed, two tracks finalized and mastered, and just a few tweaks to complete on the rest. Artwork is almost complete, CD’s ready, boxes on order and we’re all good to go. Why on order? The old stock has been used up to replace the aforementioned sold out CD’s – please, keep up.


So the new CD?

It’s an EP like the last two, and is called ‘Dancing with Moonlight’; a reference to Moonlight Pavane, which has made it onto the list. The full track listing is:

  1. In The Cage
  2. The more things change
  3. Jarrow Song
  4. Moonlight Pavane
  5. The Wall


As long as Cubase behaves and we find a time mine, it should be ready for Lymm on Thursday, but we’ll see about that.

front cover

We also did ‘Folk in a Box’ in Darlington, where we met the very nice Bride Jackson. This was a bit different. A large(ish) placcy box, which is internally draped in black curtain and painted black with tight fitting doors. Guess what? It’s dark in there.

Not to mention warm.

The idea is that one audience person at a time sits and listens to one song at a time.

Like I said, a bit different.

It was dark, warm and quite a lot of fun too!


This coming week sees us out and about in the early part of the week, libraries and care homes, then off to Cheshire – we’re guests at Lymm Folk Club on Thursday, and on Friday have asked Bollington Folk Club if we can drop by.


We still haven’t heard from The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club though.

It’s odd too.

They had a free Barbie on a few weeks back and were looking for people to play – oddly enough, their email worked fine then…

However, I’m sure Chairman Dave will be reviewing the club rules to see what advice they give when it comes to booking new acts – and I know it won’t be easy.

Those tablets of stone weigh a ton.


I cannot sign off this week without a word of apology to our good chum Mr David Pratt, who has been the butt of my sogennant sense of humour over the last couple of weeks and has endured it all with dignity and good humour. So I promise not to take the wotsit out of his department of the music business for a while. Thank’s David for your forbearance.

Right, that’s it, a world record blog tapped. Back on with the list.

Best not go to the Bordello.


So as the drummer of destiny begins the count in to fame and falls at the first fence.

Or was it the third?
No hang on, its, one, two, three…. Erm…

I notice it is the end of this blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’




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