Ticker Tape

The thoughts of the world have turned, apparently to sport. We have just completed the world kick-a-ball-contest, and it has been followed by our Caledonian Chums hosting the All-Empire Running In A Circle Contest. There has also been the Hoy Things A Long Way Contest, the ever popular Plodging[1] Contest, and even the stupendously dull Let’s Jump Into The Pond Together Contest.

You may gather therefore, that I have not been glued to the Goggle-Box, cheering on the chaps and chappesses in Gaudy Jumpers as they hurl themselves around a track over (and sometimes through) little fences as they go.

So what have your favourite Acoustic Renegades been up to?

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…

BTD poster

This week sees a very welcome celebration. Not far from us a large party has been convened and better still – we have a ticket. It is not, as would normally be the case, a musicians do, for there will be at least one drummer there. It is with great pleasure that we will attend this afternoon the ‘Coming Home’ bash of longtime Acoustic Chum Phil Graham. Phil is well known to many as part of Tri, Out On A Limb and Man With Stick – as well as a solo performer. Regular Gentle Readers will recall how he was swiftly struck down by Guillain–Barré syndrome last October, and for some time was paralysed from the neck down[2]. He has had a huge mountain to climb, but with superb support from Family, friends and not a few of the music community, he has become well enough to return home. There is still a journey to travel – currently he is perambulant in a tin armchair, but it can only be a matter of time. Welcome Home Phil.


We have been daft busy too.

This week we’ve played any number of Care Homes, Resident Associations, Community Projects and even a Museum. We managed to finish the new Beat The Drum CD (seven tracks, that’s three more than release #1), it will be on sale as of Tuesday, which is the very first of the new Beat The Drum shows, this one at Bede’s World in Jarrow – I think there is a discrete poster around here somewhere. We also have a very exciting show at Newcastle City Library on Wednesday (6.30pm) where we’ll be doing a performance of Stories With Strings. It’s nice to be playing a big prestigious venue like this one. Although a Library, this new build is a large Community Hub in the centre of the city, and contains hidden within, a large performance suite – very nice too. Hopefully, we’ll see you there.


As we had nothing else to do, we also completed the production of a DVD of seven movies of us playing at The Beamish Mary – this is a staged production, beautifully shot by Jeff. We’re quite pleased with that too.


The one thing we did not do this week was take any photographs. No Folk or Acoustic Clubs have been violated this week. Nor next week either it seems; still with the year planner showing 114 shows for 2014 so far, it seems something is going well,


And so as the ticker tape parade of life winds on up the main street of existence, we are reminded of our essential futility as we realize the ticker tape is toilet paper.


Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’




[1] For readers in foreign climes, such as London, ‘Plodging’ is a local dialect word. There; see how helpful I am?

[2] Which is the exact opposite of the affliction often suffered by drummers.


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