Acoustic Clocks

I think you might see people.

I mean, if you took the back off a wonderful old pocket watch and peered at it through a Holmes Glass, then you would see all; brassy and bright; gleaming and precise, cogs, wheels, coils and escapements. Hairsprings, balances, regulators and clicks.

And quite possibly lots of wee tiny folks scurrying to oil, grease, tend and worship – quite a few just standing watching too.

How else could the magic happen?

And the hands on the face would perform their two dimensional dance to semaphore the fourth[1].

And it’s just like acoustic music, the pocket watch world that we inhabit.

Be welcome Gentle Reader, and read on.


This week, your favorite tiny clock parts have been racing up and down the A1 like well greased cogs in an acoustic clock. The week began with us playing at the inaugural Banner of the North Festival at Bede’s World in Jarrow – an open air museum themed around Saxon times and the work of The Venerable Bede[2]. That was a very pleasant afternoon indeed, and we hope that they are able to grow the festival in years to come – Bede’s World is a fabulous spot. Then a Care Home performance, a quick visit to The Iron Horse to see Acoustic Chums there, then all aboard the Skylark for a whizz down to Essex; meaning that this time round, it was Carol who was on home turf and I playing the part of interloper[3].

Wednesday evening saw us playing at Haverfolk, held in The White Swan Havering. The banner on the wall proclaims it to be the friendliest folk club, and they certainly have some evidence to support such a bold claim, as everyone was very welcoming indeed. Some grand spots from regulars, visitors FG and Teacups, and a very pleasant evening was had by all – we hope to return before too long.

But it was hot.

But not as hot…

…as the next night.

FG were booked as guests at Loughton Folk Club (near Epping). They had no claims emblazoned upon the walls of the upstairs room in Loughton club, but were every bit as welcoming.

We played two sets and seemed to go down well enough – certainly well enough for a 2015 return visit to be posted. Be that bit as it may – we had a fabulous evening, great locals – very funny songs – and good hospitality. Lots of CD’s sold was the icing on the cake for us.

But it was hot.

Towards the end of ‘The Guiding Light’, Acoustic Chums will be aware that just before everyone howls ‘Let her go doooooowwwwn’, there’s a tricksy guitar run, which by now I can almost play, and know well enough to twiddle without looking.

Which is just as well, my eyes were full of what ladies call perspiration and I couldn’t see a thing – talk about playing blind!

Still a grand night, thanks to them for hosting and inviting and we hope to see them again before too long.


The clock hands turn again.

All aboard the skylark.

A trundle back up the A1 and straight (literally) into another Care Home for a big birthday bash (the home, not a resident).

Then we fell over a bit.


Not for long though, as the week ahead is distinctly busy…

The pics this week are mostly courtesy of our travelling support road crew, The Wrinkly Wroadies, lenspersons extraordinaire. At least, some of the photos are extraordinary. Come to think of it, Doug isn’t exactly ordinary…
Also large ‘thank you’ noises are hurled in the direction of Graham Brotton for pics from Bede’s World – Blue Sun were fab – best I’ve heard them I thought.


And so the Watch of Music turns ever on, it may be half past gig or quarter to recording, but it’s certainly well wound up at the moment.


And so at the hands of time pass across the dial of fate, and the folk night begins to draw to a close – the anthem that encapsulates folk culture resounds from the walls and we all realise that it is in indeed, time to take your glasses to the bar.


Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


[1] Yes I know it’s posy – but I did enjoy writing it.

[2] Exactly which bits of him were Venerated is, alas, not recorded.

[3] Kneeeees ahp Mavvver Braaaaaaan – oh Lord, it’s rubbing off….


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