Musical Moths

Our world of the little musician is a wide and populous environment. Lots of other little musicians, moth like, flutter past our eager faces, intent on reaching their own light, while we, erratically, fly toward ours. Occasionally from time to time comes an imprecated oath and the faint whiff of singed little musician which indicates that for some, the goal has been reached. And for us all, the goals are different.

Why so?

Be welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…


This week we have again been learning how to realign our new-found time. For new, occasional or just very slow readers, you should know that Carol and myself are partially retired as well as partially musically competent. This has made it possible for us to play lots more shows, especially during the day and further afield, which is why this week coming up we have shows in a care home, for a U3A branch, in a library and a posh café in Leeds.

After that lot, I think we will need to retire.


This week we have been doing a bunch of different things too.

Tuesday saw us at Radio Teesdale to do Liz Franklin’s Folkal Point show. Liz is a long time supporter of FG and all round canny lass. We turned up early to do a pre record, then sat in on the show and just nattered in between bits of music. Then back to Chez Liz for more musical natter and a quick trawl through Liz’s extensive musical collection. Horslips anyone?


Wednesday was more of a punt as we headed for Tiddley Bay, where musical chum Gerry Beldon runs a night at The Boardwalk Café. Since being evicted from The Berkley Tavern by an invading Greek Restaurant, the Beldoneers have found new refuge at The Boardwalk, which is, as they say, on the beach. And it is, on the beach. If it were any more on the beach it would be in the sea. If you get there early, don’t be surprised if you are met with shutters and the whiff of abandonment, as the management open up especially for the musicians at around 8.00pm.

This was a ‘round the circle’ night, reminiscent of the old Berkley days. It was pleasant to see some old faces there too. The pictures are courtesy of a re-emergent pair of Wrinkly Wroadies as Doug has shrugged off what ails him and heroically returned to the lens in his role as chief photographers assistant, Wroadie in charge of the big whistle, and person most likely to talk twaddle at the drop of a Homburg. Nice to have them both back out on the Wroad.

Today we for The Beamish Mary to support Flash Folk as Jack and Mike Orchard launch another day of folk based musical terrorism at the pub. These ‘flash’ gatherings are open to all comers and include sessions, singarounds, trad, contemporary, non folk and concerts. They are free, and an excellent opportunity to meet up with folks. Keep an eye on the Facebook pages for future gatherings of the clans. We will be there for a little while before heading off for a practice with a drummer.
Just thought I’d throw that in.
This is just for fun, and as such it should be exactly that.


Just time to upload a few images and a quick report – we dropped in for a few minutes on the way out to rehearse; things were just getting started, but Jack was keeping things moving with aplomb. It was a big plomb too. The pics show a few Acoustic Chums there on the early shift.


So our moth fluttering is all over the place and will include playing to a lot of different audiences – and that I think is our musical goal, to perform and get heard and who knows, if God is in her heaven, maybe even get better.


And so as the sun sets on the aspirant musician and disappears behind the mountains of opportunity and the musos find themselves back where they are most comfortable – in the dark – I realise that it is the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


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