A little of what you fancy…

A little of what you fancy does you good. This news is likely to be welcomed by sex crazed, alcoholic kleptomaniacs everywhere. Surely then, the reverse must also be true, along the lines of ‘too much of what you fancy does you harm’.

As wannabe full time hangers-on to the music scene we must be in a position to take a view on this- shall we share?

Be Welcome Gentle Reader, and read on.


The first week of (partial) retirement has been characterised largely by going to work. Flexibility can work two ways (or rather many ways – the clue is in the name) and the way it worked this week gone was to mean that we spent more time at work than away from it. However there was enough time off to do some music and also to give one the taste for the notion that there is more to life than working – we could definitely get used to this.


Not many sallies forth this week, for the reasons outlined above, and the main outing of the week was to watch someone else patter across the boards and show us how he does it.

This was one Richard Wakeman at Newcastle City Hall.

Now, how he does it is simply put as ‘very well indeed’. The first half was just Rick and a keyboard telling tales and playing piano pieces – which held the audience in thrall. I don’t know what ‘it’ is but Mr. Wakeman has ‘it’ by the shedload. The second half saw a silver caped Wakeman surrounded by serried ranks of synthesisers stretching arms wide and eyes closed while he ripped off some ridiculously skillful keyboard playing. In this endeavor he was supported merely by a 30 piece orchestra, a choir, a narrator a full rock band and two lead singers. This was the first night of the tour and once the sound man has been roundly chastised for being @£$% I’m sure it will be a triumph. Sound issues aside (how can you not hear a choir?) it certainly was at City Hall. Mr W and his cohorted chums received a massive standing ovation when the last bars of ‘Journey to the centre of the earth’ died away – a huge moment. The encore saw the star of the show step out from behind the keys, strap on a roving keyboard and proceed to rock the socks of the place with the band. Crikey.


So if that is how it is done, what have we done?

This week a bit more recording, Cubase is slowly becoming a friend as I’m exploring some of the back office bits and pieces and rebuilding some our tracks up a bit more, I think the next record will be interesting to say the least (not least as I now think I am Rick Wakeman), then on Saturday and we for Witham Café in Barnard Castle, there to entertain the masses assembled in the café. No serried ranks of guitars nor yet the odd orchestra for us; this was a full acoustic outing in quite a big space too. Hence no voice for me on Sunday morning. We played a set of about an hour and ten minutes, then got asked to do another set, which we duly did (no surprise no voice then). A really nice place, nice staff and a full café. CD sales and pennies in the hat. All in all a very nice day out. The few photos this week are courtesy of long time Acoustic Chum Liz Franklin on whose Folk Show FG will appear in a couple of weeks.

The Folk Show is on the website gigs page if you fancy tuning in – not so much to hear us, as to find out what is happening in the folk scene in Teesdale. Tuesday evenings on Radio Teesdale – recommended.


In a shock announcement this week it was revealed that Chairman Dave (kingpin of The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club) is to hold his own festival. This, in keeping with all Dave’s thinking, will be an old fashioned festival. This means traditional mud, traditional overpriced beer, traditional cr*p sound and most importantly of all, as is traditional, the festival will feature all Dave’s friends. The festival will be held out back of the pub, in the small depression next to the pond. Already dubbed ‘The Wallow in the Hollow’ the topography virtually guarantees the traditional mud will be plentiful. Local favorites Sellotape (Julian and Sandy[1]) will open proceedings with a selection of folk favorites played in D. So; ‘D Mountains of Mourne’, ‘Whisky in D Jar’ and ‘Blowin’ in D Wind’ have all made it onto the setlist.

Why don’t you apply to play – you know Dave, don’t you?


And so, as the new artist of fate plays his first cover half an hour in, and receives his first applause, he realises a little of what they fancy might do him good, I notice that it is the end of this blog.

Until next time acoustic chums,

Keep Strummin’


[1] As far as I know, nobody has ever caught that reference. It drives me Round the Horne.


1 thought on “A little of what you fancy…

  1. Ahhhhh so ’tis not only I that sings “Mountains of Mourne” – once upon a time in another dim and distant past I also sang “Blowing in the Wind” but it sorta got lost somewhere in the Tardis of Song Travel 🙂

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