Shy and retiring?

The last few weeks we have been very busy. In no small measure with music: playing, writing, relocating our recording gear (studio sounds a bit grand for the spare bedroom); but also in preparing for retirement, which, like tomato sauce, apparently comes in 57 different varieties.

So now it is here.

The retirement, not the recording.

So; what does the future hold for FG?

Be Welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…


But first, the past. It usually works that way round. If it doesn’t the future becomes very confused.

This week has been very quiet on the going out front. So much so in fact, that we have not, unusually, been anywhere. Too much end of term-itis, too many loose ends and not enough get up and go meant that the week got up and went all by its lonesome. We did have some good results in FG terms even so, I think around eight gigs got added to the website this week, with a few more in the fire. The studio did get moved, and after much prodding about on the computer front, much cable swapping, plugging, unplugging, replugging and deplugging – it all works. I think.

A new song is emerging from the mist, and is a bit of a classic FG effort inasmuch as it is probably at least three pieces with a chorus and a solo musicy bit in the middle – or somewhere near the middle anyway.

Just a couple of photos this week of our Fuse gig, courtesy of that nice man Joe Pattinson – cheers Joe!

So, after many weeks of being out gigging, a week at home.

So we retired.

Strange feeling that. However, we did go out once to attend SWAP which is a songwriting symposium run with mechanical efficiency by acoustic chums jiva. This is an opportunity for writers of all manner of musics to share approaches, techniques and methods of producing a song. I have been unable to contribute a great deal having no idea whatsoever how to write a song. I just know I like doing it and that, with the correct amount of perspiration and a dash of inspiration, then it might just happen. I’m not sure you can learn how to do it.


The future, however looks particularly manic. Some weeks we have up to four outings, and some occasions more than one gig a day. Sometimes an old folks home, or a folk club, then a theatre and next an organisation of some description. Follow that with a dash of libraries, a café or two and more clubs and theatres and we are going to be both busy and happy.

Better get the studio turned on then.


So, before a somewhat truncated sign off this week, I imagine that one or two of you are agog (and believe, that vision is troublesome) to know what has happened at the King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club. I have been accused of making this place up. It has been suggested that local duo Sellotape and even the great figure of Chairman Dave himself, do not, in actuality, exist.

Anyone who has been in enough folks clubs however will know that this is definitely not the case. Chairman Dave, who has a grip like papier mache on sanity never mind music, runs the place like a little empire strictly according to a set of rules that he firmly believes to be the Only Way.

Made up?

These last few weeks Dave has noticed that the rival folk club down the road held at The Welker and Scallop Wrangler’s Institute has been getting audiences, visitors and generally people. Perturbed, as this is not the case at the KH&WLFC Dave has been wondering what to do about it.

The final nail came last week when the guest artist Dick Farage, known as The Father of the Melodeon (and knowing his past, he may well be)  drew an audience of two.

Dave apparently sneaked round the Welkers and noticed that they have some cutting edge ideas, such as telling people what is happening.

Posters, Fliers, start times, website, facebook and sharing are all words that Dave has learned this week. He has tried to register a domain name for the club, but apparently was already taken. We shall follow his efforts to embrace an open and clear culture closely.

But not hold our breath.

Next guests at the club apparently will be our own Wrinkly Wroadies, who have been gigging on the quiet, although with Doug in the line-up, it wasn’t all that quiet. That should be interesting…


And so as the sands of time drift and cover the career that becomes history, and reveals the pyramid of hope and a book of very long sentences, I notice it is the end of this blog,

Until next week Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’





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