Music and Mayhem. The usual, really…

Another seven of our Earth days have vaporised in a whirl of work, play; song and slumber. A blur they were, and yet this simple record remains.

And a little rant to keep you entertained.

Be Welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I dislike politicians.

Au Contraire.

I have the greatest admiration for them as a sub species of the Human Race. After all, they have adapted to survive where many others in a similar line of work have been locked up. And they’re handy too; look under any stone and there they are. Either that or they can be found forming an orderly queue outside the tailor to have their clothes altered to allow more efficient trousering of expenses.

So, no; it’s not that I dislike them at all.

However we have managed to fall foul of politicians, or at least of politics recently.

It used to be that you could go into a Bank and see your Bank Manager. Boarding a bus meant a meeting with a bus conductor. Both of these good worthies have been victims of societal improvement and consequently removed. You can always tell when politicians have improved your life as things are much more difficult than they were previously.

The same improvement visited upon Banks and Omnibuses now seems to have been applied to the Great British Public Library.

Some of you will know that we have been putting on a few Acoustic shows in Libraries. Some Authorities seem to quite welcome us; after all, the library space gets used by the community, more people get drawn in and are made aware of library services and everyone is happy and has a nice time.

Unless that library service has been improved.

Streamlined. Optimised for greater efficiency.

In other words, Librarians have been sacked. Replaced by area managers (politicians), the service is now much more efficient, so much so that some libraries hardly open at all. Organising anything in a library is an absolute nightmare as one is obliged to deal with the Corporate Presence.

Does what you offer cost anything, we get asked (that’s fair enough, except we always get asked it first). Does it fit in with Corporate Vision (pardon; is that like train spotting)?

And my personal favourite ‘does it match with the agreed Cultural Focus’?

Apparently all libraries in some (thankfully not all) authorities have an agreed theme. That means that everyone, everywhere enjoys the same thing at the same time. Or they will be shot.

That means that unless we have songs about living in a Yurt, Gymnasium design of Soviet Era or something that would support an exhibition of patchwork cardigans made by left handed mermaids, we ‘don’t fit with the vision’.

I feel so much better now things have been improved.

This week we have had a lovely time playing out and about. The hotspot at The Cutty Wren went rather well we feel, and we certainly enjoyed our visit to their new home in the Bowling Club. The Redcar habit of putting solar lighting next to headstones (the bowling club is in the Dead Centre) means a somewhat disconcerting approach in the dark, but the welcome was warm and we enjoyed the regular’s contributions before delivering a 45 min dose of FG. Great fun, thanks to John for putting us on, and of course to the Wrinkly Wroadies for the photos.

This coming week we have:

Sage Gateshead, Sunday 16 March 12:00 noon free

The Victoria in Whitley Bay 8:00 Trev and Renata in charge!

Hive Radio Lounge at Bede’s World  Friday 21 March doors 6:30pm £2

– so we should be kept busy for a while.

News is coming in about Chairman Dave. I fear that he may be having a relapse and things may change again down at The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club, but I’ll have to investigate further and report in detail next week.

And so as the Politician of Destiny returns his loaned book “How to be a good Library User” and discovers it is overdue by three months, I notice it is the end of this blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin


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