Time on your hands?

sageAs we prepare for more time on our hand, we of course find we have less. But with good reason. We have lots to do, songs to write, places to play. That’s all good, isn’t it?

Yes it is.

…in the main.

Be Welcome Gentle Reader and read on…

Coming up soon we have The Cutty Wren Hotspot in Redcar this Tuesday, then on Sunday two gigs, one in the evening at The Victoria in Whitley Bay with (and Courtesy of Trev and Renata) and at lunchtime a spot on the Concourse Stage at Sage Gateshead. 12:00 kick off will see FG playing in a rather wonderful space. It’s free so…

AND we’re on the Sage website too! Look!

Email is a modern phenomenon. It is not fully understood in many places, and for that reason, please find below a definition, which I hope you may find informative – it certainly cleared up a few mysteries for us:

Email: a form of electronic communication, which it is perfectly acceptable to ignore.


It is odd the number of places, venues, organisers, organisations, pubs, clubs, halls, chairmen, chairladies, charladies, wizards, warlocks and rowlocks that we have emailed (at least once) with absolutely zero response.  It really is astonishing the number of places that one can contact and never ever get a response back. Not that the contact is the “Gizza Gig” type, not at all. In many cases we have been asking questions involving the phrase “How Much..?” And still get no response.

Every now and then, we get a reply along the lines of:

Dear Fool’s Gold,

Thank you for your recent enquiry about playing at the Little Theatre in Dead End; we went to your web site, laughed ourselves silly and would rather put a sack of wrestling ferrets on our stage before allowing talentless no-hopers like you to darken our proscenium.

We wish you well in your future ventures,

Love and Hugs

Dead End Theatre

…and that’s fair enough: after all we asked. And they did respond. Not exactly what we may have hoped for, but at least they went to the website and formed a (possibly accurate) opinion, and then got back to us.


And then, just occasionally, we get a couple of mails that say – ‘please come and play for us’.

So we’ll keep sending ‘em out.

Monday saw us in company at The Bridge Folk Club. Hosted as ever by Dave Minikin, it was another very enjoyable evening of music in the company of Acoustic Chums. Someone at the Bridge had pinched the stage, but, as Mr. M pointed out, it meant you couldn’t see yourself in the big mirrors at the other end of the room. Big advantage. There was a reasonable turnout at the club, which was good to see, as so many places we go to seem to be losing numbers a bit. Perhaps as the year turns it will pick up?

This week we treated ourselves to an evening of watching other people do the work and went to Hall 2 at The Sage (did I mention we’re on there soon?) to see The Lone Bellow perform. Supported by personable local lad Suntrapp (I have no idea, you’d have to ask him) who was very much in the current popular mould of singer songwritist and very good at his job, The Lone Bellow were a very interesting act to watch. A five piece from the States, they are the main three at the front, Your man with the guitar and lots of energy, his mate on the semi acoustic Gretch f-hole with more energy than the first lad and bigger boots, and the young lady (what they used to call ‘fetching’ in the old days, when you could say that sort of thing) who has also lots of energy, lots of red hair and a mandolin. Behind the drummer and bassist, part, but not part.

Lots of energy and movement and some great, very tight, Country tinged vocals. This was pure Americana, but with added <round, spherical, when dropped, they bounce>. A very, very tight show, with good humoured banter and lots of leaping around. They even came off the PA to do a couple of full acoustic numbers to the hall, which probably won a few more admirers.

One thing, I wonder why the Lady had a mandolin? It was a nice Navy mando and looked the part. I wonder what it sounded like?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Friday was Songwriters Symposium night. In the company of ‘Capo’ Chris (Kelly[1]). jiva are the drivers of this enterprising group dedicated to the pursuit of the songwriter’s holy grail, which is ‘How is it done’? Since I have absolutely no idea how it is done, and have a rebellious nature when it comes to finding out and a positively anarchic view on the notion of rules, I am not the most useful member of this coterie, but it is great to see so many different enthusiastic approaches to the production of new music. Well done all.

Things have gone quiet at The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club, we hear. This is because Chairman Dave’s new friendly approach has meant that Harmony has broken out and peace reigns.

Sort of.

We emailed the other week to see about getting a spot. We haven’t heard back yet, but apparently next week’s guests are a sack of wrestling ferrets…

And so as another week’s blog judders to a lumbering close and the reader of great stamina reaches the last full stop of release, I notice it is the end of this blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Just don’t get him started on the subject of capos. Once he gets going…


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