“Oh, Hello…”


There you are.

I was just starting to get worried.

I mean, I sit and tap all these words just for you every week, and then it’s an anxious wait until folks actually turn up[1].

But there you are, and I must say, looking well, so we can begin.

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…

This will be a short blog this week, not just because we have had a quieter week this week and therefore less to report, but also because we have an exciting thing to do today.

…and you can stop that sniggering at the back.

Gentle Readers with long memories and even greater stamina will remember that we tried doing a netcast live concert last year. It worked ok, but the quality was not very brilliant, sound quality was at best indifferent and video resolution was so low that we could easily be mistaken for Lego people. Today (Sunday 2nd) we are trying again, but with a different and very promising system called NuMuBu. We’re going to play, at home, at 4:00pm GMT (11:00am EST) for about 40mins or so. Access is free, so if you fancy coming along, just click the link, and you’ll be in (at least I think that’s how it works). There’s a chat thingy on there as well so please feel free to hurl abuse, praise, words of wisdom or feedback – I’d like to know how it is working at, as it were, your end.

The link?

Oh yes:


Some of you will also know that we have been arranging show in Libraries. We do a version of our Stories with Strings Attached show, using the slides and plenty of natter as well as the singing. It goes down well, and the libraries like it too as it pulls in folks who might not be regular visitors, and library staff can have a pitch at them. All good?

Well, yes, and then again, to put it another way, No.

You will notice, Oh Eagle Eyed one, I used the phrase ‘Library Staff’, where I might in days gone by have made use of the redundant form: ‘Librarian’. That’s because most of them are now redundant. Local Government cutbacks have meant that libraries have closed, reduced hours and lost staff. There are now ‘local group managers’ in some (not all thankfully) authorities and there are now ‘agreed themes’ and there are now ‘rules’. What it means is that if you put it all together it is harder to get something organized with a Local Authority than it is to fly to the moon without a Branson. It’s a shame, as the branches would really like us to go. Perhaps that’s because it’s free?

Anyway, two library shows coming up in Durham, so Hurrah for Durham.

There is no way to gild this particular lilly, so I’ll just gan canny.

On Tuesday we had a guest night at Croxdale. It was a good night, we had a good chat, met a few pals, did two 45 min spots and, heaven be praised, got remunerated in the form of the King’s coin[2].


…there were only nine people in the room.

Yes, that includes us.

It is a real shame, as we really like the club. We cut our teeth there, in fact John gave us our first proper booking and has booked us consistently ever since.

The club has had its fair share of problems. John has been very unwell (happily now on the mend) and the actually happening has been ‘erratic’. Numbers are down although once a month (I think it’s the second Tuesday, but I’d check that before travelling) Marie Little runs a singaround in the room which is, we gather, more richly supported. We understand that projected improvements to the club include a facebook page, a website, contact details and a tight and regular start time. Carol, myself and the Wrinklies wish them all the very best of fortune with it, as it would be a shame to see the name of Croxdale Folk Club disappear from the listings pages altogether. Maybe we should all get together and drop round?

Folk fans cannot be Pop fans. It’s in the rules. There are significant differences between the two groups. One such difference[3] is visual. Not that folkies are fatter than Poppers (although that may be borne out by the strength of folk club furniture), rather that Pop fans care what their heroes look like and Folk fans, not to labour the point, couldn’t give a gibbons.

This thought was dropped into my imagination when walking past a calendar stall at a local indoor mall and seeing all the pop calendars bearing images of smiling, well dressed young men and smiling, very made up and rather less dressed young ladies. All apparently pop stars – I could tell ‘cos I hadn’t heard of any of them. It made me chuckle to think what a calendar would look like if the stall had been full of ‘folk star’ calendars. A rare rogues gallery of physically challenged but good musicians mugs that would be. Still all is not lost, as in the final analysis, the stall was full of unsold Pop calendars, whereas the folk ones had apparently all sold out.

And so as the paramedic of mercy rushes round to the homes of Gentle Readers’ with huge doses of Short Blog Serum, I notice that it is the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Just like a gig!

[2] …which is worrying; all the coins had a picture of a king on them and eight sides…

[3] The others are Age, Athleticism and skin condition


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