Acoustic Busyness, Acoustic Bees…

Another week down and the musical world keeps on spinning. We have done less and more this week, which if you can do it, is a good trick. We have been quieter and busier too, as well as louder and… less loud. How can this be?

It goes a little bit like this: Be Welcome, Gentle Reader and read on…

Obviously the big thing for us was the gig at Cluny 2 last Sunday. We’d invested a whole lot of time in getting the show as right as it could be and arrived in good time for a sound check and to set up the gear, including the projector and the big screen. We have taken to using a projector on some of our own shows, just as a pictorial ‘sticking place’ to reference and illustrate the songs. Most songs have just a single image, but a few have video and more movement. Not too much for Pink Floyd to worry about, but folks who have seen it seem to think it helps.

Any road up; we set all the gear up and began the sound check, only to discover that 1/3 of Carol’s flute had gone awol[1]. It later turned out that a tiny screw (I couldn’t even see the blighter) had worked loose and effectively rendered a section of the flute silent – or at least an emitter of raspy breathy noises reminiscent of a curry loving wombat after sixteen pints of Stella[2]. As a consummate musician, Carol had a plan to deal with the errant notes and left them out: not, in fact, that she had a great deal of choice. So it was that the intro to Fool’s Gold (in the sound check) sounded like a dirty phone call accompanied on the acoustic guitar. However, we coped, the show must go on etc and we worked through it. The show went very well. Chris Kelly was great and played a super set of his songs, guitar playing excellent as ever, and the usual dry, dry banter. Thanks to itAcoustica for MC and doors support and of course to the Wrinkly Wroadies for the photos here appended. We played a few new songs and despite me playing one lead section not so much in the wrong place on the neck, more like the wrong side of the neck, it all went in the most jolly fashion. Interestingly, we broke evenish, in fact after CD sales and ticket sales were totted, we turned a tiny profit. As a punt gig to see if it worked, judging by the comments afterwards, the buzz we got from playing and from flogging CD’s we figure it’s well worth doing. It’s a great way for us to promote, learn and hopefully get more betterer.

So the rest of the week – you know – the bit where we didn’t do anything but did lots instead?

That’s because we didn’t play out again this week gone, just too much on really. We did however do lots of practice, wrote a couple of new songs which are on the ‘pending’ pile (including two possibilities as new World War One Songs) and are working on four new big shows for later in the year. Plus a National Trust Gig, a Poster drop round Hexham, and some Dutch Radio play[3], it’s been quite hectic thank you!

Years ago, when Vinyl was king, I had an LP entitled ‘Don’t Panic’ by local Singer Songwriter Pete Scott. I really loved that (long since lost) LP. Up until Thursday, I’d never seen him play. So, in numbers, we for The Beamish Mary, where Mr Scott was in residence and in the mood to play.  It was a very interesting evening. The locals were on fine form, and Pete Scott was an interesting act to watch and learn from. He didn’t look to well to me, but what do I know, I think Pneumonia is something different to complain about. His songs were lyrically very clever and told some good stories; the standout tracks for me were probably the one about the old man who died and Kuala Lumpuar Clegg. Once again, The ‘Mary was packed out for a music evening, Jack is certainly getting it right.

Last week Chairman Dave underwent a Damascan conversion when the God of Folk spake unto his lug. Chairman Dave has been something of a byword for the ‘old school’ type of folk club chairman, for whom nothing was too much trouble as there was nothing he really liked. He had his own set ways, set guests and was pretty much impossible to move unless by a persuasive argument wrapped in a five pound note.

That is until last week.

We still don’t know if the chair of the King’s Head and Washerwoman’ Legs Folk Club has changed his spots altogether as he still hasn’t come out of the loo – it’s only been just over a week, he could be sulking. However, from notes slipped under the door to Secretary Malcolm (who despite playing pipes is a good bloke) it seems that Dave might have changed his views.

He has certainly changed his language. Some of the notes contained words and phrases which had been previously banned within the club. These words were:

  • Singer and Songwriter
  • P and A
  • Welcome and book ’em Danno

…of course it’s early days yet. Perhaps we should nip down to the club sometime…

And so as the sun of fate settles over the yardarm of destiny and drowns in the sea of serves you right, I notice it is the end of this blog,

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Absent without lownotes

[2] I invite you to consider that concept from a scientific viewpoint. My vision involves an exploding wombat – does yours?

[3] We were played between Renaissance and Barclay James Harvest. I couldn’t fit my head through the door.


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