Here we go again…

I wasn’t going to do it.

I was going to take a break.

A break from surfing the breaking wave of Acoustic Drivel.

But, to stretch a metaphor, I caught a crab.

I got moaned at.

By a Plumber.[1]

So blame John. J

And be bid ‘Welcome’, Gentle Reader to the last Fool’s Gold Blog of 2013.

There shouldn’t be much to report. This should be, in the main, filled with reports of eating oneself sick and drinking oneself silly.

In fairness, there has been quite a bit of that, but, oddly enough there is some FG news, and some Acoustic Gossip, so, without much of what Shakespeare would probably have called ‘ado’, this is what happened…

Many of you will be aware of our Mostly Mobile support crew The Wrinkly Wroadies. Carol’s Mum and Dad support us faithfully at all gigs and club outings, acting as ambassadors[2] and photographers, and at gigs, doorpersons and Merch Operatives.

Douglas Wroadie, having celebrated Christmas Day with us, decided that it could only be improved by a quick visit to Casualty to check out the facilities. To achieve this end, he decided to perform a graceful swallow dive on the drive while walking past my car, additionally cracking his bonce on the car on the way down.


You will realize by my customary flippant style, that this particular adventure has a happy ending.

It has.

The car is absolutely fine.

Mr. Wroadie was on the receiving end of the attention of several highly qualified medical types as they relocated his shoulder back next to his head, and practiced shooting X-Rays at him. Mrs. Wroadie was royally entertained by superbly attentive staff. I think we found a hospital that Mr. Cameron hasn’t. Our heartfelt thanks to all the staff who patched Doug up, ensured all his important bits where still attached and continue to monitor him, mainly out of mild curiosity. This week the Gallery id courtesy of the WW and features some of the best, or daftest, shots of the year – that’s why there is a lot! Thank you WW the photies are great!

And as if that wasn’t enough adventure…

We continue to grow the FG portfolio of gigs, adding Hive Radio in March. Hive Radio is at Bede’s World in Jarrow and they are attempting to develop a new music evening, and to add a bit of Bedean spice, the evening is recorded for broadcast on their own internet radio thingy. It was nice of them to ask us, and we are delighted to be able to support.

This coming year looks at this distance to be the busiest yet for us. We will be able (we hope) to devote more time to FG after Easter (if you guess, well done, have an egg), but we’ll begin with ten gigs in the first three months. Some big, some smaller, one tiny, but all will get the FG max.

…which will include a range of new songs. We reckon that we have about six new songs on the go at the moment. Two or three that have just jumped out of my pen, and a couple that have either been gestating or lying resting on the piano for a bit. Any road up, there will be a fair few new songs being aired this coming year.

…and some new instrumentation too. This will be in the form of Carol’s uBass, my Bass pedals and one or two other surprises that we are quietly working on. Not at floor spots or club visits, as that would take too much time to set up, but we’ll have a bit of fun at gigs. I’d like to vary the sound away from my guitar all the time.

..and a couple of new recordings. There will be another EP during the early part of the year, and also, finally, eventually, the Folk Opera[3] that is “The Cautionary Tale of Harland Goodnight (thief)” The songs are mostly written, two acoustic chums have agreed to participate and make it a bit more fun; this should recount the tale of a thief from Ashington[4] who heads to Victorian London in search of riches and finds… well; I’ll have to reserve some suspense!

…and The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club! Apparently, they have had their Christmas bash. Actually they had two Christmas bashes. At the first one they invited all their friends, but the three of them got lonely and decided to have a public evening. This was an open evening at which anything went.

.. as long as it was in compliance with the terms and conditions of performance, and in accord with the board aims and vision of the Club as outlined in Chairman Dave’s latest pamphlet: “Do it this way or…”. Dave has a very firm vision of what a folk club is and how it should function. The para military uniforms of the Committee member are not actually part of the musical culture; they just like it. The first guests of the New Year are Sellotape, a local and highly hunted duo, Sandy and Julian, who uniquely play all their material in D major. Julian did experiment with A minor once but found it too confusing.

And so, to the end of this year’s blog. To all of you everywhere, a Happy New Year and we hope that it a great success to you all. For those who have listened to our music, bought a CD, downloaded it, read the blog (more than once), smiled at us in a club, asked us back, booked us or even said that they enjoyed a song: thank you; it means a tremendous amount.

As so, as Father Time mistakenly strays into the Bah Mitzvah of destiny and causes an Armageddon of panic, I notice it is time to bring down the curtain on another blog and another year.

To all Our Acoustic Chums wherever you may be:

Keep Strummin’

[1] Mind you, he’s a plumber who plays rather wonderful acoustic guitar. Don’t tell him I said that.

[2] Of what, we don’t know…

[3] I can think of several folks who will really appreciate this idea.

[4] I realize that I may need to be more specific at a later date


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