It’s behind yoooooo…

I was asked the other day, somewhat fatuously “Do you think Fool’s Gold will ever be as popular as David Bowie?”

Now; I am firmly persuaded that a bloody silly question deserves, where possible, a bloody silly answer.

“No”, I replied firmly. “Not unless we suddenly become much less popular”.

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader and read on…


I did the sums. I did need to take my mittens off and recourse to fingers as the number involved was big. Really quite big; numbers with nowts in it and importantly, nowts on the end.

For some reason, in youth and whimsy, we had put our Beat The Drum CD on CD Baby. Four tracks of songs all about World War One, not too many laughs then. We did sell a CD, yes you read correctly A CD. But what I didn’t realise is that you can sell tracks, it seems you can even sell listens. CD Baby doesn’t just sell your music, it distributes to lots of other outlets, websites, play outlets and the internet equivalent of Market Stalls that sell music and sticks that smell right funny when you burn them.

Now this attracts a fee, even if someone just listens, and God alone knows how that works[1]. So, when I idly logged on to our control panel the other day, I was somewhat slack-jawed at the $$$ signs that appeared. Not a lot of money, but a lot of plays. A quick bit of calculation revealed that we have had over 4000 plays, single downloads, listens or what have you.


That’s a lot we think.

…which is why we now have a greatest hits CD, eight tracks this time, taken from our two EP’s (so don’t buy it if you have those; hang on -no, do buy it). A link to the main CD page is here.

Such fun.

Tuesday and we for Croxdale Folk Club. Much has been written about this club in the past, I know because I wrote most of it. I’m glad to report a reasonably full room, about 24 souls in all there for the appreciation of one Mr Kieran Halpin of Ireland and surrounding parts. We’d never seen him, but heard much, so we thought; heigh ho.

So how was he?

Blimey, I though I hit the guitar hard[2].

Kieran used a chunky AER box as a PA, along with digital delay FX and didn’t stint on the volume knob. He’d get on well with some soundmen we know, especially if he fed them. His songs were interesting and some had really strong hooks. A lasting impression was of his delivery, which featured very little audience engagement and it was quick; almost staccato, as song followed song like musical bullets fed from the rapidly moving belt of an amour piercing songbook. The room was full of fans who needed no persuasion, and I think we learned a lot – again. It’s well worth seeing these people.

The week has been very long and busy with t’day job, so not much space for other stuff bar a few rehearsals and…

…our first visit to The Phoenix Folk Club, located at Ouseburn, a stones throw from The Cluny. Locals of a certain age will remember it as the City Farm. The building is a fine example of ecological construction and makes a grand home for a folk/acoustic club, the room is comfy and it a short hop across the road to get a take out of The Cluny’s finest ales. The club is home to a number of faces, none of which we had met before which was nice. Mine Host is Maurice who is a very fine exponent of six-stringed dexterity, and he kicked of a round the room, with extended three songs each; without hurry or dash. Nice to be able to take the time to appreciate happenings. FG went on last and we did four songs. Including Tommy on the Bridge, where I had one of those moments…

…y’know the ones. I think every guitarist does. The particular experience I strive, in my own little way to convey to you, is the one where you are steaming towards the chorus of a song you know well and all of a sudden, a mental precipice opens and it might be that:

a)      you have no idea what the next chord is

b)      no idea what the next twenty chords are


c)      no idea what the strange thing hanging round your neck is, and importantly, no notion whatsoever as to how it might be supposed to work.

Yup, one of those moments. Ah well…

The setting is nice and Maurice very welcoming, well done to all concerned. Pics this week are once again courtesy of the Wrinkly Wroadies.

Finally this week we had a Wrinkly Wroad Trip to the Gala Theatre in Durham, not to play but to watch the Panto. Oh yes we did…

…it was great, I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Apparently, the Sherrif was a Baddy, the fat monk fell in love with a bird who was quite clearly a bloke really, and two well scrubbed lead characters lived happily, as far as we can tell, ever after. Still as an experience, it’s behind yooooooo.

And so as Snow White emerges tearfully from the Forest of Fear and discovers the Dwarves’ Cottage of Fate and discovers the joy of fractions, I notice it’s the end of this blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Especially as he is careful never to give out his email.

[2] So do a lot of other people.


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