whirl·i·gig  (Noun)


1. A toy that spins around, for example a top or windmill.

2. A thing regarded as hectic or constantly changing. (eg. banjo tuning)

3. This week was like that…


Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…

I know, I know, I’ve said it before: this week has been busy.

But that was just lies, a parapiddle, a porkie, a mischief nonsense tale compared with this week. It really seems like a mammoth week of racing about, mostly in cause of FG, and therefore good, but with a very busy working week shovelled on top, like the cold wet clay reflecting in the gravefiller’s empty eyes.[1]

So, what draws forth such poetic musings?

Or to put it another way: twaddle[2].

I think I am inspired to tap at the keyboard in such a fashion because I, and the Fair Lady Porkie, are properly tired. Dave the Bass is, of course, bright eyed, bushy tailed and a-rarin’ to go.

But that is youth for you.

So; what, where, when, why…

It all started, as many weeks do, with Tuesday. We and the Wrinkly Wroadies, by barge for Cramlington.

We’ve been to Cramlington FC many’s the time and oft, but this was our first excursion to their new venue. The Concordia in Cramlington (natch) is the new home, and this must be the only Folk Club to boast its own swimming pool. The venue is in a function room in the Leisure Centre, just off the pool balcony – quite different, but very pleasant. The room is, in my humble (hah!) opinion, a vast improvement over The Hind (former venue). A small stage, and room smaller than the old Hind lounge (which was a funny shape) gives an intimate and friendly feel. A PA is used, but not to blaaa yer lugs off[3], sound is good, bar ok, folks very welcoming and a well run club. A slightly early start (Keith means it, by the way) at 7.30 is good as it means a 10.30 finish, which we quite like too. So, any road up, we (being the trio) got up to do the two songs as per prescribed. We did “Three Shillings” and “Tommy on the Bridge” and it clicked nicely and the reception was very warm and positive. Requests for CD’s, imprecation to return soon and warm words all round made it a very nice experience.

Dave the Bass – you can tell which of us males in the band is Dave by the way, as I am slightly more attractive; and he plays the bass – is well up for the forthcoming internet gig, so Wednesday evening was a set rehearsal. We are really looking forward to this cyber-gig, we will be testing the tech on this occasion, and playing an FG ‘greatest hits’ (good name for the next album) set. Response has been very good for this, and I know a good few Acoustic Chums and Gentle Readers are going to tune in and enjoy (that is mandatory, by the way) the show. If you have been rained on, blowed at, widdled, gusted or otherwise disrupted on Bank Holiday Monday, just point your browser to www.livestream.com/foolsgoldacoustic

netgig poster

at 8:00pm BST on Monday 27th May. We’ll be there, in all our pixelated glory, hope you can join us.

So Wednesday then, and the day jobs heap more and more pressure on Porkie and I as we run through a very busy work schedule, but Thursday offers more FG flavoured goodness…

We have been invited to play twice at the Prudhoe Arts Week, and as part of that, the good Burghers of the Principality of Prudhoe have set up Radio Prudhoe. We were invited to do an interview on Saturday, but do a pre-record of some songs on Thursday evening. Carol and I rolled along and spent a very pleasant few hours looking round The Fuse Media Centre. This is a wonderful resource and Joe the Sliders worked his magic in the state of the art control room and we recorded nine (count ‘em; nine) live songs for the amusement of the masses. It is our pleasure to support this event, the radio station and the venue. We hope to go back and record there soon, but with Joe at the desk.

Speaking of which, we may have an announcement to make regarding The Fuse shortly…

Friday came next, which was not entirely a surprise as it has happened before. This one was a bit different to other Fridays in that we had an FG headline show at Waterhouses Village Hall. About 40 good worthies turned out (which we feel was good) and we had a good night – this was a ‘Stories with Strings Attached’ show, so sadly, I had to talk a bit.

Reluctantly, mind[4].

Pictures this week once again courtesy of the Wrinkly Wroadies, snappers of high repute, they’ll soon be in demand on their own account. If Pauline stops winning the raffle.

Saturday – there can’t be more – oh yes, a live interview at Radio Prudhoe using the pre-records from Thursday. Thanks to David and the team for a very pleasant afternoon in their company, and we hope the arts week goes well.

This coming week there is the Internet gig, some clubbing and a gig on a ship, a Tory Club and a High Street.

Never a dull moment…

…which is also the case at the King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club. Local Folk Prog duo Sellotape (aka Julian and Sandy) performed their costumed acoustic version of Le Mis this week and apparently it went down a storm <squints at notes> sorry, it caused a storm. When the furniture was replaced and the bodies cleared away, Chairman Dave decided that this had been a good night and that Sellotape could do another Costumed Acoustic Adaptation of another famous stage show. Currently they are considering the classic Indian folk-tale, Oh Calcutta.

And so as the dust settles on the KH&WLFC, and the word count climbs I notice it is time for the Chairman of Fate to welcome to the stage the Banjo Player of Destiny who is bringing with him the Tuner of Hope while the audience employs the Earplugs of Wisdom.

And it is the end of this blog,

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Told you it had been a hell of a week J

[2] Twaddle is probably the only way to put it.

[3] ..which is a CD by, oh… wossname.. um… oh aye : jiiiiivaaaahhhh

[4] In much the same way as Mr Berlusconi reluctantly joins in a game of bunga bunga


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