Mayday, Mayday (see what I did there?)

I have it.

No, not that; anyway, you can get ointment.

Look, what I have is nothing more or less than the answer to all our acoustic ills, worries, travails and troubles.

Biggins and Littleins.

And it’s soooooo simple[1].

You’ll kick yourself, or if above a certain age, get someone to do it for you.

All you have to do is, be bid Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…


So what is it, this panacea for the aspirant acousticist?

Like all good ideas, it came to me in a flash[2].

According to the BBC news website, House Concerts are The Next Big Thing.


Of course, that’s it; if we go to clubs and there are no punters there (lots of players, no audience), then if we can’t go to where the audience is, we’ll get them to come to where we are.

Or rather, where we aren’t

Let me explain, as I fear that, Gentle Reader, your little acoustic bonce is probably already twirling.

To be fair this isn’t my idea at all, or indeed Derek and Shaggy’s either. I notice that distant[3] acoustic chums We Steal Fliers have returned to what I think is a great idea. They are setting up and putting on live concerts which you watch in the comfort of your own wife’s clothes, sitting in front of the computer. The BBC house concerts thing is great, but I imagine getting on that particular bandwagon is as tricky as anything else, so DIY is the way forward.

The idea is that they set up an internet live stream concert (not as scary or as difficult as it sounds) then using social media to attract an audience, charge a paltry  £1 for ‘admission’.

Yes, I know it’s pretty daft, wildcard, off the wall and unlikely.

Which is exactly what I like about it.

We shall probably indulge.


This week and a shortage of outings but plenty of music, it happened like this. Dave the Bass, free from the day job for a couple of days took up residence in his old room, so we have had ample opportunity to do some bass rehearsal. Some of the new songs have been run through, as well as some of the back catalogue and all is sounding well. The bass adds an extra dimension and push to the songs. Dave will be with us at our theatre concerts later in the year, as well as at a few clubs before then.


Talking of which, we hadn’t been down to see the good worthies at The Foggy Furze in Hartlepool for many’s the long month, so we, with a skip in our step, for The Athenaeum Club, in downtown Hartlepool. The regular faces were all present within the splendid surroundings behind an unprepossessing façade, Hartlepool is a place that hides its light under a bushel, and  behind the plant pot. This turned out to be a very friendly evening of shared natter and music, in a laid back atmosphere ably conducted by Kay De’Ath. I must make a public apology to Madeline (anyone who has been to the club will know and celebrate her contribution); during ‘Jarrow’, as she was facing away from me, my sudden and stentorian “Brave Geordie” was delivered, as the song demands, a good bit louder than the rest – artistic interpretation y’know – it nearly made her jump out of her skin – sorry Madeline, and keep singing your lovely songs!

The pics are of course courtesy of the Wrinkly Wroadies, who faithfully catalogue all our doings, don’tings and dalliances.

A few nice bits of news for us this week. Some of you will know that the Nature’s World Folk Festival is no more, on the grounds that it has gone bust, shut up shop and gone, not to over-egg it; west. However, those awfully clever chaps Trevor Lister and David Kidman have arranged a new venue at The Dorman’s Club, where they will hold ‘Folk Fest at Dorman’s’ on 13th and 14 July this very year. We have been put on’t list for a spot on the Saturday, and look forward to that. A little further afield, we have a Gentle Reader currently residing in fair satrapy of the Colony of The Americas. We gave America back when we couldn’t think of anything to do with it, and as history has shown, neither could they.

Our Chum Michelle[4] is currently in Arizona-hi-hay, but is headed of San Diego (Hi-Hay)[5] . She is, for her sins, scouting and earmarking possible venues for the first FG tour of the United States. If this comes off, it will be the most tremendous fun ever, we live in hope but we shall, as they say, have to see.

We have family connections in Bulgaria and could go to play there. The guitars are all triangular and the folk clubs run on steam. However, looking at the Bulgarian State style guide for Ladies – ‘How to look good Terylene[6]‘, I’m not sure Carol will go for it…


The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Alternative Acoustic Venue (Chairman Dave is really losing his grip) has a bank holiday special this week. Apparently Singer Songwriters are welcome and can sing their own songs. Also in the news, a pig has flown the Atlantic, the Moon is Blue, and… this just in; Hell has Frozen Over.


And so as the banjo player of hope opens his instrument case and finds that all his strings have unaccountably snapped, and the MC attempts to conceal the wire cutters of self defence, I notice it is the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Not unlike myself

[2] AaaaaHaaaaaaaaa

[3] Only insofar as we haven’t seen them for ages.

[4] Hey Michelle – you made the blog!

[5] We live in Stanley. Ho Hum.

[6] In the States, it’s called Dacron. We have to learn the lingo you know.



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