Habemus Foppeam?

Habemus Pappam[1].

And good luck to the lad, he’s going to need it. Still as he’s probably handy with the old bolas, he can probably deal with dissent in a truly Jesuit manner.


That’s the link.

Yes, in this folk/roots/acoustic world, maybe we should lock all our Cardinal Chairpersons in the Saloon Bar of the Horse and Bucket and they could only re-emerge after a message to say they had agreed on a Plectrum Pontiff had been received, probably by burning a banjo.

We could elect ourselves a Fope.

How would that turn out I wonder?

Be Welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…

Cluny Poster

I know you’re there.

No, really; I do.


Y’see the blog engine has this nifty page that tells me if anyone is actually reading this tsunami of tosh, and when, and where they are.

Well, almost. I know by Country, I couldn’t say if you were in your pants and vest, in the front room, in Lowestoft, 23 Acacia Ave (there is part of me that hopes that someone in Lowestoft has just fallen out of their chair).

So yes, I know that most of you read on a Sunday, and as this is a Sunday, Hello.

For those of you reading the repeat, hello too.

The point of this particular diversion down Drivel Drive, is that the power of t’internet for the ardent acoustic musician is up for grabs. We have been busily clicking off the beaten track of late, with some very interesting results. Creatures of habit, we all of us tend to click on the same sites (especially you – you know who you are[2]). In our case the local clubs, friends Facebook pages, that sort of thing. So we took the mould and gave it a severe tap with an old Ovation Balladeer I had lying around and started to click into the wider world of opportunity which seems to be on offer to the adventurous muso.

This has resulted in some great contacts for us, and more than a few offers of places to play. Note – ‘places to play’. Not in the usual Folk Clubs. These are places without people in leather waistcoats and real ale. People, even, without guitars[3]. And no people mostly waiting for their turn, wishing you would get on with it.

Hopefully, you will be able to track some of this off-piste clicking as you look at some of our upcoming gigs over the next few weeks and months. Give it a go yourself, you never know…

Last Saturday, too late for last weeks drivel, we played at the Ingleton Festival Fundraiser in downtown Ingleton. The Ex Servicemen’s Club was the venue, and despite a severe lack of Gaga Guards, Senile Sappers or even the odd Comatose Commando, there was a goodly crowd from the start, there for what turned out to be a marathon evening. We met up with many the Acoustic Chum, some we haven’t seen for quite a while and enjoyed seeing where friends like Man With The Stick[4] have got too on their musical journey. In the case of MWTS the journey continues, and wherever they are going I think they will get there by pantechnicon as their collection of kit, pluggies in, pluggies outies, basses, bongos, bash and biff kit and bizarrely (but effectively) a sampler, continues to grow at a rate only conceivable in the minds of Phil and David. Good to see them again and enjoy what they are up to, which is refreshingly different. jiva ever on hand to entertain and many more pals including star of the show Bill Adair laid on a musicfest of folk. We were on last, hitting the stage at twenty five past eleven. Carol’s vocal mic immediately packed up, the guitar mix went, if not to pot at least into a small percolator, but we went for it and seemed to go down in the room well. Maybe they were just relieved! We wait to see what the festival line up will be. The photos below are of course courtesy of the Wrinkly Wroadies.

The new albums are just about ready and will be available at The Cluny2 at the end of this week. As you are all going, you’ll be able to get one then. We have two new and one old EP-CD’s. They are:

Long Away and Far Ago

  • The Old Earl’s Men
  • Baby Blue
  • Bleak Midwinter
  • Rake Down the Moon
  • Sundown (feat Dave on Bass)

That’s the historical, narrative selection. Then there is:

Kiss The Gunner’s Daughter

  • Turning My Back
  • The Guiding Light
  • Longstone
  • Year and a Day
  • Waters of Tyne

Which is the nautical (or at least a bit wet) songs.

Kiss The Gunners Daughter is the name given to the delightful practice of flogging sailors over a cannon until they were quite unwell.

The Beat the Drum EP is still available with the First World War tracks on it, each to be priced at the princely sum of £4. So come on my son, dig deep innit?

And so it was that Chairman Dave, Cardinal of The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club found himself in the back room of the Horse and Bucket with all the other Folk Cardinals, to picking a pontiff to guide and steer the Folk Movement in this time of unrest and change.

Well, from what I hear unrest and change there certainly was, as whoever thought that a roomful of FC Chairmen would be able to agree on what day it was, far less which of them was the best leader would have been dismayed to see earnest debate give way to a singaround as soon as the first round was got in. There is a stack of banjos in the corner. Apparently they burn with a black smoke[5], which if they open a window, then the assembled throng of folkies outside in the square (car park) will know that agreement hasn’t been reached. It seems that Shantymen burn with white smoke; so far no-one has sung a shanty.

And so as the sands of time drain away and the word counter ever fills, and the aspiring Folk Führer of Fate hopes to lead the Church of Folkdom into the light of a new age finds he’s been given the spot straight after the beer break and realises his career is over, I notice it is the end of this week’s blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Apparently the first encyclical is going to specify that he is NOT to be known as Pope Frankie the Oneth.

[2] Twenty Seven Gentle Readers are now thinking “How does he KNOW?”

[3] Imagine!

[4] no, me neither

[5] Much testing went into establishing this.


2 thoughts on “Habemus Foppeam?

  1. Just got back from your Cluny 2 show, which was great. I’m originally from Lowestoft and it is Sunday, so I’m equally impressed with your psychic abilities.

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