A week in Folk is a long, long time…

So. (To the tune of “If you go down to the woods today”)

Where did we go; what did we do?

Who did we see, between you and me?

There’s more fun here than in a cheerleader,

So now just for you oh Gentle Reader…[1]

…be Bid Welcome; and read on.

A week off from work eh?

A chance to do loads of wonderful things, jobs, task, promos and all sorts of thing that have been put off until the time comes.

So; the time comes, did they get done?

Did they ‘Eckerslike[2].

However we did do a lot, and this blog will, as ever, feature the truthful doings of Fool’s Gold, Acoustic Musicians, and may possibly feature the whimsy of the guitar player, a clinically diagnosed idiot[3].

So to the playing side of things.

This week we managed to get out and about twice. Once to Lanchester and once to The Berkeley Tavern.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Lanchester Folk Club – if I may use the epithet – is existent because of the heroic efforts of Ian Tute, who has steered the club through good times and bad, from home to home to conservatory, backroom to cold room. It could be said we started off there, back in the old days of Babylon, on Lanchester Front Street at The Queens… ahhhh. And now they have moved again to…

… a working men’s club.

Yes, Lanchester Klurb is the home for this event. Klurbganners are not generally your usual folk audience, but in this instance they seem to tolerate a few tunes and a chorus or three  aimed at them on a Sunday evening. A small turnout: Ian has been known to be Home Alone, but still, it keeps going. We thought we’d go down and support (always a danger we might finish it off) but we had a very pleasant evening of music and jamming along.

Next to Wednesday and The Berkeley Tavern in Whitley Bay. Gerry Beldon has been building this night up over several months and tonight was a packed affair. Twice round the circle was managed somehow, with all sorts of players, singers, declaimers, natterers, drinkers, singers and sinners[4] in plentiful supply. Some great noise and fun, plus a brief chance for a chat with many the Acoustic Chum. Brief, because such was the demand to play there was no break, so solid steaming from 8 until 11.

The pictures are again courtesy of The Wrinkly Wroadies, whose photographic skill has extended and grown to the point that lens caps are now routinely removed.


As we continue on our journey through time at the stately speed of sixty seconds a minute, we are moving with the times as we trundle happily onward. Which is why we have a new website. Oh, there wasn’t much wrong with the old one really, but the new one – ah; now bells and whistles or what? If you are interested is such things (if not skip the next couple of lines, no really do – or you’ll be tearing your hair out) it’s fully HTML5 meaning that it works on anything (more or less) phones, tablets, iOS (Apple), Android, Klingon, iron-on, and St Michael devices all show the splendidness that is the new FG website in all it’s glory.

Click ye hence to:


or, cos we’re dead posh like;


The first person to say “but they are both the same” wins a prize. Who would want a lobotomy I’m not sure, but there y’go[5].

The CD’s continue with great pace. Virtually all the recordings are finally mastered into a form we like. Great thanks to a lovely man called Bootsy, who lives somewhere in cyberspace, and provides fantastic mastering plug-ins for free. They are wonderous to behold and have helped us make the tracks sound nice and sparkly, and we are very pleased with the results. If you’re into home recording, and even if you just use Audacity, head yourself over there. Two new EP’s to put before you soon then. Pricing and artwork details to follow soon.

Here’s a snippet,, should you be so disposed as to bend a lug: this is the mid section of ‘The Guiding Light”.

Other news during the week, apart from being promised another festival for 2014, and… h’mmmm: oh yes, another new song. This is another FG sea song, all about the gun deck on one of Ol’ Nelson’s ships, chorus to the fore, a bit of jigging, a spot of DADGAD and hey presto –“Wooden Walls” lies before you. It will be a week or two before we gig it, but of all the new songs, this is probably the nearest.

Finally this week, news has come to us that Sellotape, the well known duo of Sandy and Julian, from the south of the area, have been finishing off their CD too. Entitled “Is That It?” they have managed to re-arrange folk classics into the chord of D which suits Julian’s playing style (and ability) and seems to flatter Sandy’s voice, especially if Julian plays really loudly. It seems that they will be embarking on a promotional tour to show off their wares – no, not nude folk, you smut-ridden-reader you; I refer of course to their meisterwerk. Rather than bother with all the kerfuffle with actually getting bookings and dates from clubs they intend to turn up unannounced with the intention of playing the album live in its entirety. They drive a beige motorhome, with the words “You can never find the end” stencilled in nail varnish on the side.

Check the car park before you go in…

And so as the nervous newcomer to folk fatefully enters the local club of hope and receives the standard traditional welcome and thus wonders briefly, if he has gone deaf, I notice that it is the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] No. It doesn’t does it. J

[2] Willy Eckerslike was a grand turn in t’clubs round Walsall in the 30’s. Most of his songs featured Loomers, Bloomers or Llamas. Apart from one, his magnum opus, which was about Loomers, Bloomers AND Llamas.

[3] Who could that be, I wonder…

[4] No, not you – us. We got there first.

[5] This is of course a folk lobotomy. Which means you get two tickets to the next gig by…. No; I couldn’t… yes I could – Sellotape!


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