100 not out..

In cricket we’d be feted. In terms of birthdays, we’d get a telegram from Queen Brenda the Twoth. If it were pennies we’d be quids in. Or quid.

Yes, your favourite steaming pile of Acoustic romp, rubbish and ridicule has survived to be 100!

But how, oh Lord[1] how?

Is it the fun?

Is it the quality?

Is it the width?

Never mind the quality; be welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…

An interesting and slightly odd week this week. Back to playing after a bout of ‘flu, we were full of hutzpah to get going. Try somewhere new, thinks we and so: To The Acoustomobile; complete with Wrinkly Support Team and off to The Ship in Middlestone, where runs the advertised Folk Club. And so it was, sort of. This turned out to be a session in the most trad of senses. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that, as the playing was simply fantastic. It’s just that we don’t, can’t, don’t want to do it, so it left us slightly out on a limb. However, I was still not feeling all that well, so we came away early. Best of luck to them, they’ll do much better without me attempting to join in.

Next; The North Britton home of Aycliffe Village Folk Club. Again full of P & V, we arrived with the usual array of plonk and parp tools… and it was a guest night – I hadn’t checked. Still it did mean that we got royally entertained by Tony Martin (named for the purposes of the evening Antonio Martini – long story) and he was great. Nice to see a whole bunch of faces too, including the World Champion Spoon player himself! Keep well Bert.

And so to Thursday. We like to get down to The Cutty Wren Folk Club in Skelton as often as we can, which isn’t all that frequently. However we did make it this week and a good few Acoustic Chums were on hand to natter to, Dave Brunskill and Ian Tyzack to the fore. Good performances from the room and a very easy, relaxed evening run as well as ever by John Taylor. We played a couple in the first half and were accorded the signal privilege (that’s how we look at it anyway) of finishing of the night. A few belters from the FG Songbook later and we’d had a great evening. Can’t say too much at this stage, but we left the club very happy indeed.

The photos this week are again courtesy of the Wrinkly Wroadies, the Septuagenarian Snappers themselves, with Doug playing with his new camera and Pauline playing with (if you’ll excuse the expression) his old one.

…and a new song! Caramba! Who saw that coming, I certainly didn’t. After weeks of fiddling with Tommy Ferens[2] which is now in a different key, has a different tempo, words and tune, ‘Angel’s Share’ popped into my little baldy bonce more or less complete and was written and delivered in about ten minutes. Expect an open tuning jolly little ditty about people who die[3].

This week I have spent some time filling in an online application for a certain well known festival. There were many, many questions on which the applicant is invited to reflect, consider and offer a response.

The questions are probing and deep. They ask things like: Are you any good? Are you entertaining? Obviously my religious background and deeply held belief system allows me to lie through my teeth, so; no problem there. But it got me thinking…

Rock and pop has enjoyed many fictional heroes. The Rutles, Spinal Tap, The Monkees, The Archers, The Partridge Family…

The list goes on and on.

…so maybe it’s time Folk and Roots music had a member of this illustrious clan.

Enter ‘Sellotape’[4].

Sellotape – so named because they wanted a name that would stick and they thought they were on a roll; is husband and wife team of Julian and Sandy. Julian is the male guitar playing half and Sandy is the singist, who is, to all intents and purposes, female. They play trad covers in a totally unique style. This is because Julian has discovered a new way of interpreting the guitar. Basically, after many months of long practice, he learned the D major chord and has never looked back, or indeed down – nor has he felt it necessary to add to his chord library. There is a rumour that they play a song in G, C and eventually D, but that remains a rumour. Their first CD “Is that it[5]?” is currently in the latter stages of recording. Sandy is currently learning the Kazoo, to fill out the instrumental and thoughtful passages. And Sandy’s Kazoo certainly should fit a passage.

So; wouldn’t it be fun if Sellotape applied for festivals? I’ll keep you informed as to how they get on. When is Ryedale?

Did you hear Socrates has a new girlfriend?

She wears all the new philosophical regalia, including the white sandals.

Yes, she’s an Ethics girl.

And so as the centenary blog of wisdom closes its doors, a 100 issues of future twaddle loom on the horizon of history, thank you for your readership and I notice it is the end of this blog.

Until the next 100 times Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Yes, he subscribes.

[2] Which is, despite the unfortunate wording, legal

[3] Show me one that doesn’t…

[4] Gentle Readers will be aware that Sellotape are in fact real, and play regularly at The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club. Honest. No, they do, really.

[5] Apparently this was a suggestion from the Producer.


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