A blessing for us all…

A runny brick is a good example. As indeed, is a magnetic goldfish or a tuneful banjo.

Examples of what?

Well, things unusual, out of the ordinary, a bit, well; different. Like tuning a runny brick.

Much like this blog.

Be welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…

Of course it isn’t the blog that is unusual[1]; it is simply that this week it is short.

That is because, this week has been, as it doubtless has been for you; unusual.
For the most part, I have been hors de combat[2] with the old winter flu, and have not touched a guitar from Saturday until Friday.

A blessing for you all.

I had considered canning the blog for this week and not tapping a word.

Another blessing for you all.

But I reconsidered, as, just enough has happened to make a short post worthwhile.

So the week then.

It all started promisingly enough with a most convivial meal last Saturday with Acoustic Chums Andy and Catherine, known collectively as itsAcoustica. Much chewing of the acoustic fat (not as bad as it sounds). A good natter and many the problem with the acoustic world was put to rest, and then it was to be another week of recording, mixing and gigging.


On Sunday I began to feel poorly and it began to snow, by Monday morning the snow had developed to biblical proportions as had my flu. This was no man flu this time, but the real McCoy, no ache unthrobbed, no wrenching cough unhacked, it put paid to any idea of going to Croxdale Folk Club on the Tuesday, in any event we could not get the car out, I was half past dead and it was cancelled.

Quite depressing for us all

For the rest of the week, my self pity knew no bounds[3], and the snow continued to fall. I managed to soldier on, heroically, obviously, but of music there was none.

Quite repressing for us all.


Friday dawned and with the light of day, a slight return of spring to my step, and a couple of bits of nice news. Our cancelled gig at Gibside has been re-arranged, and we should be there on Friday 8th March, the God of Folkies willing. Also, more bookings from the U3A – very nice. And the best bit – we finally managed to get a workable version of ‘Tommy on the Bridge’ our new song all about the blind beggar Tommy Ferens. I have blogged repeatedly that the song was finished, but each time we went back to it, it wasn’t so it must be your fault. This version feels the best so far, and both of us are happy with it – we shall of course see.

And so as the God of folkies raises his pint in benediction of his followers, we realise that he has after all, a blessing for us all.

Until next time Acoustic Chums

Keep Strummin’

[1] No it’s just bloody odd…

[2] Which is what a Chevalier uses to get about the place. See what I did?

[3] Unless of course you have a male partner, who has ever been slightly ill. Then you will know exactly how sorry a bloke can feel for himself.


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