A week is a long, long time…

A week is a long time in politics?
You should try Acoustic Music mate; anything can happen.
And it did.
But what? I hear you cry.

Be welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…

The recording gear has been packed away and our dining room resembles a dining room once more. It isn’t nearly as much fun as a dining room, but, needs must. So, for now the tracks are all recorded and the business of mixing begins in earnest. True to form the last guitar track we recorded used a different mic and had a much better sound, but I don’t think we could start all over again. If we did Carol’s beard would be on the ground by the time we get through. Lots of tracks to choose from; and some fun for me as an inveterate knob twidder[1] there is fun ahead in the studio. That and lots of rude words, tea, coffee and later, other beverages of alcoholic intent, which make you sound really good really quickly. We await feedback on the first four tracks that have been sent out for feedback, more will be ready, we hope, soon.

Before I forget, we’ll be at The Daleside Arms this coming Tuesday to support our Acoustic Chum Keith Morrison who will be playing with Garth from The Brecon.

Our Acoustic Chums jiva have been at it ten years this year. This commendable tenacity means that they are, to quote their own view, due to be an overnight sensation this year. We hope they are too, couldn’t happen to nicer Tinklers says we. That got me thinking, which as you will know, is always dangerous and can lead to thought fallout which can pollute reality for miles around.

If, ran my reasoning, the ten year anniversary equates to overnight sensation; then what do the other anniversaries represent?

Years on Folk Circuit      Comment from Community

1 Year                                    : Give up; go home, don’t come back

2 Years                                  : Don’t go home, die here; at least that might be entertaining

5 Years                                  : Are you still here?

8 Years                                  : Well, maybe you could have a support slot next year.

10 Years                               : Overnight Sensation – we always thought you were great

We have been going in duo format for about a year, previous to that as a trio with The Nugget on bass it was nearly three, before that a duo for a year or so, then prior to that with Tony as Babylon it was, grief, about nine years.

Good God.

We’ve been an overnight sensation for years.

Wednesday and we and the Wrinkly Wroadies for OBE – otherwise Ovingham Bridge End Folk Club. We always – or nearly always – have a great night here. This week they handed out a questionnaire to garner information from those at that point assembled, on how the club should progress. Bravery to the point of foolhardiness says I; ask any Folkie for an opinion and they are apt to give it. Actually, don’t bother asking, just turn up; opinions will be forthcoming.

Any road up; the room licked stumps of pencil, produced crayons from within underpants bearing the Fairport logo or sharpened a finger and scribbled dutifully.

Now, the club is run very well, by lovely folks Canny Crack[2], and has a good venue, the room being pleasant and the pub welcoming. Many of FG’s acoustic chums appear, and there is a wide range of musical contributions from the room. There are no guests or hot-spots, which I suppose they could consider, but basically, it’s a great night and ain’t broke. Which is what I writted.

One last consideration, before I amble downstream in my musing, is that OBE is monthly. That makes it, in some ways, easier.

Oh – nearly always? My fault I’m afraid; halfway through the intro the ‘The Wrecker’s Prayer’ I realised that I had no idea what the words were, what the chords might be, or which way round the guitar should probably be. Given that I was singing, playing guitar and halfway through the intro, this presented what some may call a challenge, and doctors would call a diuretic.

Cue a grinding halt…

…still we got it right in the second half. I blame the flute player, naturally.

So Thursday night and all hands on deck as your favourite unreconstructed prog folk duo prepares to travel to Gibside for an outside gig. True, with the weather forecaster wearing his grim visage and employing tones of gravest import, it looked like we might be in the bar, but, so much to the good. So, PA assembled, Dave joining us on bass, so extra backline sorted out; quite a lot of kit really. And true to the axiom of a week being a long time in Folkitics; the call duly came on Friday morning that it had been called off due to the weather. Probably very sensible; but obviously disappointing nonetheless. However, we have been promised an evening later in the year, so it’s probably going to work out, as they say, for the best. That, and a Folk Club in N.Yorks has offered us a guest night, and more response from U3A branches and things are moving, at the very least, sideways. Oh – and another Theatre gig being discussed this week too, and we’ll need a support act for that one.

Finally, more information has come to us from the struggling King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club. Chairman Dave has been trying a number of initiatives and ideas to boost attendance, as latterly bums have been noticeably missing from seats. This week it seems a fracas broke out half way through Julie’s new solo acoustic set – Julie gets in regularly now and is nearly completely cured. Marvellous stuff, penicillin.  Anyway, halfway through her new song all about the lead pipe miners of the Hebrides, a hullabaloo broke out as several member of the Bar crowd, not usual visitors to the function room or Folk Evening, began banging on the door and screaming. Although the song wasn’t really all that bad, Chairman Dave relented and let them out.

And so as the leader of the jam session of eternity launches into the twenty fifth verse of ‘Sloop John B’, I notice the welcome intervention of fate in the form of a pair of nutcrackers and an evil look on the Chairman’s face will bring this evening, and this blog, to a close.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Well, can you twiddle yours?

[2] As in ‘Enjoyable’ and as in ‘Chatter’. Our UK readers will know this. Our Indonesian chums may leap to little Indonesian conclusions unless I make things clear. Clear?.


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