The Folding Stuff


Now it looks as though we may be booking into 2014.

And that, my friends is a record.

However, I mustn’t spin it too much: the fact of the matter is that it is their availability that dictates 2014, not ours.

But it’s a nice step to take anyway.

So with a positive 2013 start, or should that be 2014…

…be Welcome Gentle Reader and read on.

This coming week you will be able to catch up with us at OBE in Ovingham on Wednesday night. This is a club night, run by very friendly folks, where anything goes, even us! Following that on Friday evening the FG big show rolls into town at Gibside, the National Trust property near Rowlands Gill. This is a free event, starts at 6.30 and ends by 8.30pm. FG will be on hand as the musical guests and we will be playing 3 sets. Dave will be joining us on bass for at least one set. The interesting thing about this event is that it may be outside (yes; I know). Bar and Café will be open too, with log burners to the fore. Children are welcome, and that comment is not associated to the previous one about the log burners[1].

During the week while out and about, we came across one of those new folding guitars. These are strange beasts as they clearly should not work. Designed for ease of travel, they quite literally fold in the middle, the neck folding back across the soundboard, then the whole thing packing into a rucksack that would presumably fit into an airline overhead locker. Not much use to us, but as a piece of musical engineering; amazing.

And expensive.

This week has been the first back at the coal face for us. Not that working with children and teachers[2] is in any way similar to spending hours underground, deep in the stygian black, searching with groping fingers for shards of black gold by which we hope to provide a daily crust. No, teaching can be harder than that, so the first week back is generally quite tiring. But not so tiring as it prevents us from musical adventuring.

On Wednesday we were invited to The Golden Lion in Leyburn N.Yorks, where folks talk funny, by organiser and Acoustic Chum Kim[3]. The town is a lovely place and would be better in daylight when bits of it presumably become visible, but the square looked nice and The Golden Lion was certainly a nice, old fashioned market square Inn. The attendance was small, presumably as a result of the recent festivities, so we had a very convivial night and laid some of the FG wares at their table. Nice to see Stephen Matthews again, and note that his songs keep getting stronger and more attention grabbing; good stuff.

Pics this week are of Leyburn, the setting at Gibside when we went for a butcher’s and a clandestine image of Chairman Daves’s sisters, apparently. Well done Wrinkly Wroadies for another round of images any paparazzi would be proud of!

A few more enquiries this week about FG doing gigs in another previously unexplored area in terms of audience rather than location; if this all comes off, I’ll blog more about it later – but this would involve us drawing on other skills rather than just musical presentation – interesting? You bet!

Stop Press: The booking for 2014 has been confirmed and hopefully will be the first of a few more as FG hits the road to visit…

The University of the Third Age!

And of course the recording.

This is still making progress, still developing and growing and the sound is getting better. We have sent a few tracks off to a small, but beautifully proportioned review squad who will, I know, soon let us know if it ain’t right – which is just what we need.

We have around eleven tracks ready for inclusion, and several more still to record yet. Then it will be the selection process, and we should have two or possibly three smaller CD releases soon, as well as one full size album. But then, how to release it? I notice that many bands are quite literally giving the music away, via website etc. in some cases, packaging can be downloaded too. I can see where they are coming from, exposure, getting the word out etc but it seems to me that free stuff tends to be undervalued, so we’ll need yet another idea.

The new season has kicked off at The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club. We’ve never been, but heard a lot about it. It seems, according to spies within the camp that Chairman Dave has Taken Steps to combat falling numbers and consequently falling revenue. He apparently needs to raise munny to pay for good guests – the next guest night is Chairman Dave’s All Star Scratch Band.

To this end he has recruited his sisters, Ortrud and Woglinde, to help with the evenings’ organisation. The first organisational change they will effect is the sale of raffle tickets in between each spot during the night. During those times Ortrud and Woglinde will move among the audience, in uniform the better to recognise[4] them, Ortrud with book of raffle tickets and Woglinde with brazier of white hot coals and an interesting pair of tongs. Tickets are 50p a strip.

And so as the sunset of destiny movers nearer the yardarm of fate and the shadow of truth moves a bit to the right to reveal the chairman doing something he shouldn’t with someone he shouldn’t but at a pace commendable for a man of his age[5], and I notice it is the end of this blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums

Keep Strummin’

[1] Please restrain all children. Not because of the fire, just because they should be restrained.

[2] The difference is that the Teachers tend to be taller.

[3] Chum Kim Sun was leader of Chick Korea in the late Forties.

[4] And avoid

[5] No, I didn’t say it was that; that was your own doing.


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