As Napoleon was wont to point out to Josephine, good things come in little packages. She was, in her turn wont not to believe this, but shrewdly held her peace[1]. This is of course, my way not only of making up historical facts, but of hinting that this blog may be more of a Milky Way than a Marathon; notwithstanding the vertical challenges of the Emperor of the New Republic.

Be Welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…

You may be forgiven for thinking that the holiday period would have meant that Fool’s Gold had some well deserved down time. This has not, of course, been the case. We intend to hit 2013 between the eyes with the same determination with which we kicked the dangly bits of 2012, and that has meant thought.

Campaigning is always better with a plan, ask any Emperor; and so we thought we’d get one. Scouring the internet and peppering Google with requests such as ‘how does we get famous’ or ‘how do we make it big’, simply produced unsatisfactory, or in the case of the latter search, eye opening results. It seems we need to do the thinking AND the planning bit for ourselves.

One thing we do know that we need is some new recorded material. Thusly, we have been very busy in the expanded studio, with the aid of a very long piece of skirting board and a heavy backdrop cloth, and have been recording busily. The results are good so far – the recordings are as good as the older method we used to use, but have more spark and life to them. We have uploaded an example here if it might be of interest to an Acoustic Chum or Gentle Reader. Anyone who fancies a career as a music journalist can give us some feedback; good or bad, it’s all welcome.

We have a few gigs lined up, and several more promises which either will, or will not, materialise into reality. The plan however, is starting to form…

This week and we for Jack’s Club. The Beamish Mary has seen much of FG in the past, but very little of us recently. So it was nice to be back, see a few folks again, chew the musical fat and play a couple of songs. One of them is on the link above. The place is very much the same as it ever was, which is no bad thing. A few photos from the evening adorn this page. Thanks as usual to the Wrinkly Wroadies, also known as the Pensionable Paparazzi, for their contributions.

In keeping with the theme of keeping it short, I shall only mention that The Kings Head and Washerwoman’s Legs will also be opening for a new season after the turn of the year and Chairman Dave has promised that a variety of riches will be purveyed for the delectation of the assembled acoustic community. As soon as we find out what that means, we’ll be down.

I wonder if we’ll get a booking?

And so as Father Time sharpens his scythe of Justice and does a few practice sweeps, he notices that his budgie has stopped singing and thus makes an appointment with SpecSavers; I notice that it is the end of this blog, and of this year.

We wish all Gentle Readers a very happy, prosperous and successful New Year.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] The have been rumours that she also held his; I could not comment.


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