The best things to start with when creating a hole, is a level surface and a shovel. Using these handy tools, create what experts call a ‘small hole’. Next and subsequently, repeat the process until the hole reaches the required dimensions. At which point, you can fill it in.

Blogging is very much this sort of process, usually I create different bits of hole as the week rolls by, but this week you are in for a treat.

Live hole digging.

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader and read on.

Another week in the developing story of Fool’s Gold has brought all sorts of interesting developments, some disappointments some real highs and a Damascan realisation. These are similar to your regular realisation, but bigger and with added Romans.

Before I go any further, The Lady Amanda of Stormcrow will thump me if I do not point out early in this week’s blog that The Artsbank Centre in Saltburn is the place to be this coming Friday. FG will be on hand as well as The Ironopolis Singers  and Tony Morris. These nights have been very successful to date and it must be said, we are really looking forward to it. Bit of a showcase gig for us. Tickets are £7 and t’would be great to see you there.

So, to this week then.

Well, two play outs, the first at The Candlelite in Newton Aycliffe. We haven’t been for some time, and it was nice to be remembered. But when they all came out of hiding again, we had a nice chat and an even better evening. Our ukes caused something of a kerfuffle as they needed pre-amping before the desk would pick them up, but we got there in the end and managed to thump out a few FG originals, including the Bing Bong Song and a uke cover – The Searchers’ “When ever you walk in the room”. Rather jolly.

Photos courtesy of the Wrinkly Wroadies.

The second outing was a new experience for FG. We were contacted by a gentleman called Ernie Coe, who turns out to be a very busy (and very funny) raconteur, after dinner speaker, MC and standup. Through his good offices we found ourselves the musical bit of Snods Edge Village Hall Christmas bash. Over One Hundred good worthies in attendance[1], fed, watered and in expectation of entertainment. We shared the bill with Shona a Northumberland clog dancer[2], Fiona an accordionist of lots of notes, Ernie of course, and us. We had a great time, it must be said. Always nice to get paid, but nicer to be appreciated. The village hall sang along lustily to everything they could, including our brand new Christmas medley. Photos courtesy of John, Shona’s husband, who did not in fact, wear clogs.

Which brings me neatly to Damascus.

We have decided that it is too much to expect audiences to take on board a whole set of FG songs which they make like, but don’t know. So we will be introducing a few, very carefully chosen covers. They will all be in receipt of the FG treatment and probably will come from the traditional canon.

I need to lie down for a bit.

Having said that, more FG songs are still very much in the pipeline. The new 8 string uke to the fore – this is such a fun instrument to play, the melodies fall out of it and it is a ‘smile on your face’ noise that it makes. More anon.

The latest bit of this hole is the news that Chairman Dave is planning the King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club Annual Christmas Party. This will apparently (we don’t know, we haven’t been) take the form of a musical evening with Pie and Peas.

Pie and Peas are a surprise choice for headliners; previously known as Sellotape[3], Sandy and Julian have re-launched there musical careers and thus changed their name to something indicating wholesomeness and filled with goodness. They have prepared a special Christmas show featuring costumes, special effects and a new instrument[4]. Chairman Dave will be selling tickets at the next two club nights and regulars will be buying them as this is not a choice led purchase, more of a ‘threats and menaces of violence’ led purchase. See you there?

Finally this week, I notice that the deadline approacheth so, as the Christmas Fairy of Destiny eyes the Christmas Tree of Fate and realises the some jobs are not what they are cracked up to be, I notice it is the end of this blog.

Until next week Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] I think there are two houses at The Snods, where they all came from is anyone’s guess.

[2] The difference between a Northumberland Clog and your regular clog is obvious. A Northumberland clog rolls it’s rrr’s

[3] They wanted a name that would stick.

[4] A kazoo, a candle and a Santa hat.


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