Tempus? Fugit?

Tempus, as they[1] remind us, Fugit.

This has practical consequences, as it means that not only do you loose all your hair but gain considerable poundage overnight, it also means that you end up packing an awful lot into any give amount of Tempus, before it, as it were, it Fugit.

The world of FG has not enough of the former and too much of the latter, as we are fugiting about the countryside in the manner usually reserved of blue-bottomed Musca domestica as we try to play, record and do everything else we want to get done. What follows is a true and accurate account of our week.

You clicked on it; so, why not enjoy?

Be welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…

Well, safe to say, that this has been one heck of a week for your two Acoustic Chums in FG. So far this week we have: done some song writing and recording, three playing appearances, one radio show and sadly a music related funeral.

The first was the last listed above, and was of course the funeral of Fred Brierley, held this week at Sunderland Bridge Parish Church. Sunderland Bridge is, if you can comprehend such a concept, an outskirt of Croxdale – such is the metropolitan nature the Croxdale Conurbation. The church was packed out to the rafters with representatives of the folk and musical community from all over the North East. It was hard to spot many people, or indeed recognise anyone, as the vast majority of said folk community had made the effort and were suited and booted for the occasion; such was the esteem and affection in which Fred was held. I’m not sure what the Vicar made of three hundred or so folkies freely harmonising around the hymns, but he probably wishes he had it on a Sunday. A great send off for Fred, and afterwards where else but The Daleside in Croxdale, which was bustin’ at the seams.

And so on to the music…

Tuesday saw us guest hot spotting at The Foggy Furze in Hartlepool. Guests have to be pre-heated to a suitable frenzied temperature, then are wheeled into the room thermally wrapped and explode into musical frenzy…

…we did anyway; and did a Help for Heroes promo that was very well supported by the club. This was a great night in the Athenaeum Club and some lovely music from the regulars too. We enjoyed the visit there as we always do, and thanks to Kay and the gang for support and kind words.

Thursday, and we for Barnard Castle Folk Club. The club was light on numbers that evening, but the doors into the main pub were open and quite a few folks heard what we were up to and we shifted more CD’s than ever, selling out of stock – excellent. You haven’t lived until you see Carol shushing a busy public bar and mugging the regulars! I must mention the wonderful support given by organiser John, and with the help from this and other evenings we are well past the £1200 mark, with several shows left to do. Thanks to all who have supported so far.

Friday and a double dose of Fool’s Gold in the Borders. At lunchtime we met Kyle and Connor from Generate Radio, grand lads both, and recorded an interview and played four songs. This will be going out next week on a number of occasions, when we find out when, doubtless the information will find its way onto Faceache or something similar. The two lads were great with us, and it was good fun to work with them – seems the station is making a way for itself and expanding – good luck to them all.

From Duns, where the radio station lives, it was down the road to Kelso to play at the ACE Centre. During the day we bumped into Pet Shop Pete and the Diane, both luminaries of the club, and were well prepped for the evening. I think this was one of our favourite nights latterly, not just because FG was very well received, but because of the lively and fun atmosphere and support given to the younger contingent – yes, the HAVE a younger contingent! Thanks to all there, and we will certainly be back at some point next year.

The recording is another new FG song; a typical narrative song of a local nature. Maybe we’ll do an exclusive release on the blog next week – mayhap. On that note, I may as well climb aboard my intergalactic soapbox[2] and express my view that small artist CD making is not a lost art, as many are very good at making them. The lost art is the selling bit – or rather the market for buying them. We all sell a few, but in terms of the cost and effort of making them the return is vastly outweighed by the effort of creation. Could there be another way? We think there is. And we’re working on it.

Down at The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club (in the back room, unless it’s wet) all is unaccustomed midweek activity. There is a stage to erect, mosh pit to organise, purple backdrop to hang; council noise restriction to re-negotiate, police security cordon to arrange, and of course limo parking for the Allegro to make sure a quick getaway after the show, lest the fans, rabid with excitement, demand bits of the band that they are still actually using. jiva, folk rock legends in art of the power strum, are guests this Thursday. Doubtless the report will arrive too late for this week’s ruminations, but you can expect a blow by blow account next week…

…and, I hear, some photos!

As we busily finalise the mix of the new song, and keep nipping out to the car to check the mix on small speakers, I notice that the word count has, as usual, gone stellar. So as the Folkie CD seller of hopeful expectation removes refused CD’s from a part of his anatomy not originally designed for the purpose, and some punter tries to find the ‘play’ button; I notice, thankfully, it is the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] When I grow up, I want to be a ‘They’.

[2] Using my intergalactic stepladders


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