The Dream

Ah, Summer. The gentle patter of the Fireman on the upstairs window as he effects forced entry in order to rescue one from flooding. The sensitive whisper borne on the evening breeze of a politician explaining why it wasn’t him. The ever present backdrop hum of the sports commentator telling us we are so excited.

Yes, things are changing a bit.

Are they changing for your favourite sort-of-folkies who write a sort-of-blog?

Be Welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…

The Help for Heroes project is still in full cry, and there are no less than TWO reports to add this week.

Last Sunday night and we for Guisborough. As it was a Sunday, the cognoscenti will be aware that this means the Rugby Club. We were greeted by Ralph, MC for the evening, and told that a goodly chunk of time had been put aside for us; lovely and lovelier. Also a contingent turned up especially to hear what we did, which was very gratifying indeed. The club regulars all played, and they do have a fund of talent there; and we did, I dunno, maybe half an hour in the end. Told our story about the charity and the green suited kids and played our songs to those there assembled. We came away with £72 and took the total to over £900. Our grateful thanks to all at Guisborough Folk Club (Sunday flavour) for affording us the opportunity to play.

The Dream of the Ardent Folkie (a tale in two parts)

Part 1

The Dream

The distant sounds form the garden drifted in through the open French Windows. The sweet smell of new mown lawns mingled with the aroma of success, drifting down from the golden disks which festooned all available wall space.

The tranquilly is embellished by the melodic telephone ring and it offered perfect counterpoint to the day.

“What’s that? Madison Square Gardens? Yes, yes? Well of course I will, but you’ll need to check with my agent first. Thank you.”


Part 2

The Reality

The pub backroom was well named, as it contained the backdoor to everlasting floor spots, and had swallowed many an aspirant artist as they sought to flee.

The club was about to start. At this point the chairman had not spoken, but had muttered darkly in your direction.

“Well,” he began at length, his face a picture of impending tragedy “we’ll give you two. If you’re any good, you can do another one after the Beer Break”.

“How will I know”, you venture tremulously, folkie bottom lip all of a wobble “if I’m any good?”

“You’ll still be breathing’”


Some speculation has surrounded my mention last week of Acoustic Chum Turkish Chris. Turkish is of course better known as the Langley Troubadour Chris Milner. As he takes his first steps onto the world stage as professional folkie, he has carved a niche for himself as an entertainer of Johnny Turk, whither he will travel at the drop of a fez, the better to bring them cultural enlightenment via the soft strum of a large Gibson. Chris has just completed (as far as we are aware) his second stint in the Land of the Hookah. Turkish hospitality is a leg end and doubtless Dusky Maidens[1] were abundant in their dancing attendance upon his every whim. As long as he checks with Jane first obviously.

We hope it went really well.


The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs folk club has a new website! Imagine!

Yes they have moved forward a hundred years in their vision and outlook and now they are firmly culturally entrenched in the mid 1800’s. I see that they are open for applications for next year’s guest nights. Head over to the site here to find out what they are up to.


As we tap toward the end of the blog, there is just time for a quick resume regarding last nights charity event at Richmond Folk Club. We like Richmond and Swaledale Club, and always have a good night there. This was their annual fundraiser and Acoustic Chum (and Gentle Reader indeed) Paul kindly afforded us a spot to promote Beat The Drum.

No review this week as a faulty monitor means this is all a bit of a rush – excellent evening, full low down next time.


Next week, we for the Black Country. Four clubs in four nights in the triangle between Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Liverpool. I think. But that, gentle Reader, is another story for another day…


As the sun sets over the Folkie Empire, the lads at the back of the club realise that somewhere in the Empire it must be passing a yardarm and order another Guinness, I realise that it is the end of this blog.


Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


[1] In these days of political correctness, it is perhaps necessary to point out that not all maidens are dusky, not all that is dusky is a maiden and other maidens types are available. Your home is at risk if you do not keep up payments.


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