Faberge knew it.

Tiffany’s know it, and even Jimmy Clitheroe had a pretty good idea.

The best things do indeed come in small packages[1], and following a couple of epic blogs, perhaps this one should be truncated, or to put it another way; cut off at the knees.

And so, Gentle Reader, be bid ‘Welcome’, and read on…

I have long been of the opinion.

Actually, I’ve been opinionated for some considerable amount of time, and can, at will, summon up an opinion on virtually any topic under consideration.

As long as:

a)      it’s about music

b)      I give a damn

And Frankly My Dear, often I don’t.

However, Acoustic Chums, here’s an opinion for you; which is mine and is free[2]. Our goal, as Fool’s Gold is to get our music heard by lots of people – that way someone who likes it might actually get to hear it. Hurrah.

However, the delivery system currently employed by most of us, may be lacking somewhat in the old efficiency stakes.

To Whit, In Exemplar and even Haddonmangizzachance – what we do is trawl round the local folk clubs meeting lots of people, all great chums, but who in many instances can probably do our set for us. They might even like it, but the point is, they’ve all heard it before. Even the odd new song can’t disguise the fact.

It’s time to broaden the base, try something new and not just travel a few hundred miles to another club, as that isn’t very sustainable.

Therefore, Forthwith and Without Wot, we have a cunning plan.

We have the very day that this frenzied tapping is taking place, paid the money to the man to put on our first theatre show. Yes, I know it would be nicer to be booked, doing this way round just means we are more expensive when they do come calling.

Fool’s Gold and Another Band will be performing a proper theatre show at The Cluny 2 in March next year.

Astute chums, and I know many of you have very nice stutes, will realise that this is some months away.


So by then, us and Another Band will have new CD’s for sale, new material and maybe even, in our case, a sharper act. More details will be dripped before you as the time comes, but if you have next year’s diary, you know what to do, don’t you?

The Other Band?

Oh, go on then; we are pleased to share the stage with Blue Sun. Graham, Sam and Pauline too will be playing some of the songs that have moved them to the top of the Acoustic heap in the principality of  Teeside. Excellent.

It was with anticipation that I checked with the Green Tree in Tudhoe as to the start of the evening’s musical festivities this Tuesday. Stunned I was therefore, to be informed that Fred Brierley, organiser and long-time acoustic chum, was indisposed and the evening had been canned.

Now, we like Fred, and Sheila too, and because they are clearly deranged, they like Fool’s Gold. Fred has put an enormous amount effort into supporting local music and musicians, including us. So we thought ‘Sod that for a game of soldiers’, rang the pub back and asked to host the evening, Fred in absentia. That way, hopefully the evening will survive to run again another day.  And at this point, we wish Fred a speedy recovery from whatever ails.

So we rolled up, pub very quiet, but a few folks looking hopefully out for music of the Acoustic variety, which, as luck would have it, is exactly what we have.

FG got stuck in and did half an hour or so, all good for us, and with looks of approval from those there assembled. Luckily, Mike Weston and local singist Lesley also turned up, and a small, yet perfectly mis-shapen sing around continued, until we left, rather later on. Pics from the Wrinkly Wroadies are here appended, and if they become progressively more blurred, you can at least see the reason. The pint in the foreground of Doug’s photos is actually a different pint for each photo. There are twenty-three photos.

You have to admire the man.


Next week is Monday at the Nursery in Hartlepool for a Beat the Drum show, with FG playing a full set – we hope to see a few of you there. Then at the weekend, it’s Whitby Seafest, with three shows over the weekend. After that, it’s the summer holidays – lots of shows to play, but that, as they say, is another story.

And so as the Sun sets over the Yardarm of Folk and somewhere in the musical empire, rises again to shine down on folks who haven’t heard us before, and thus bring meaning to the term Missionary Position, I notice it’s the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums

Keep Strummin’

[1] You have, at this point, got to admire my restraint.

[2] Terms and Conditions apply


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