Is that the time already?

How come the world moves so much more quickly when you least expect it, a moment ago it was Sunday Blogday, and now all of a sudden it’s…

Well, Thursday actually.

Why so premature in the blogfullness?

Be Welcome, Gentle Reader, and read on…

Woe is the amateur musician.

And that’s an easy one to work out.

An amateur musician just means someone who does something else during the day and wishes they didn’t. Lately Fool’s Gold could easily be a full time occupation; what with the Charity Project, recording, interest in the studio and a myriad other things. I could fill my time being Mr FG quite easily, there’s learning to sing and play for a start. However, enough idle rambling, what exactly is it that has kept us so busy?

Well this blog for a start. Every now and then we get a huge spike in readership figures. It’s probably due to remote spidering somewhere, an automated bot crawling t’internet picks up on our keywords and goes haywire. Of course we prefer to think that occasionally a whole host of atavistic Acoustic Chums crawl out of the Internet Explorer woodwork and read the blog, presumably atavistically. This has been such a week with surreal blog stats being returned. Over a hundred AC’s read it in the first hour or so of posting.


But anyway – thank you, you show rare taste and discernment in the rubbish you choose to read!

So, what else. Lots of publicity and chasing on the charity CD front, more arrangements and all the rest of it. Going well and becoming life consuming. Also some very kind feedback regarding the new CD. Some folks have fed back indicating how much they approve of the new sound, the songs and so on. In fact we have two enquiries to use the studio to record in. This was never the plan, but it’s all part of the fun, so what the heck!

Tuesday and we for The Ball Alley[1]. Although we took guitars, the main purpose was to see Judy Denning and Kenny Speirs, guests for the evening. The pub was packed and Jack on top form ran the night with aplomb[2]. We played. Met and chatted to a number – a lot – of AC’s, and generally had a great evening, and thoroughly enjoyed Judy and Kenny’s set – very good stuff. Jack had previously kindly agreed to support the Help for Heroes project, so it was even better to get a date sorted out. FG will be playing and passing the hat about on Tuesday June 5th.

You have been warned.

A full list of where and what can be found here:


Time for me to come clean about guitars too.

Regular Gentle Readers – that’s you, bless you, will remember that pals jiva recently parted with several sacks of gold from the retirement hoard in order to purchase their dream guitar. This created a guitar which, while not exactly superfluous, at least potentially available. Jimmy kindly lent it for a week, at the end of which I am sadly[3] now the owner of a Taylor 810. That’s the dreadnought with the old Fishman, but – what a guitar, what a sound, and what the heck am I going to do with it?

You’ll have to come and hear a show to find out.

So, Thursday? Surely Sunday is blogday?
‘Tis true, ‘tis true. I’m tapping on Thursday instead of the religiously observed Sunday (see what I did there?) as we are off to Cropton tomorrow straight after work and will be busy all weekend playing a number of sets and hosting a few events around the festival.  Hopefully due to the wonders of modern science – a mobile phone – I should be able to remote release this as we are on our way home from the Ryedale Festival at Cropton. Carol will be driving; the festival hub is in a pub.  Perhaps new words to describe the event can be added – who knows?[4]

…and so, it is now Sunday Evening and we have just returned. It has been a fantastic weekend, full of music, events but mostly friends old and new. We have had a blast and will publish a full report in next week’s episode of this merry muddle. We have returned to more Help for Heroes support – again more later. But one biggie…


FG to support Prelude at Ashington Folk Club

June 7th 2012

This is a Help for Heroes promo, as well as some of the ol’ FG Standards I’m sure. Our grateful thanks to Ashington Folk Club. See you all there.

In any event, we hope you all had a good week; not like the regulars at the King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Arms Folk Club. The weekly club get together began as usual, the Chairman playing an hour or so then inviting the first floor spot up to do one song, and so on as far round the room as he could still see.

The night proceeded well enough until it was the turn of local supergroup Sellotape to take to the stage. Husband and wife duo Sandy and Julian had been sitting at the back, Julian watching the other guitarists intently through opera glasses when he suddenly had a noisy, and as far as the cleaner was concerned, messy panic attack. He had noticed that of the guitarists, the fingers of the fretboard hand were, quite often, moving…

And so as the festival goer of fate invests in the snorkel of fortune and the festival bar invents the world’s first six pound plastic glass to contain a warm and dark fluid reminiscent of tin and calls it Happy Hour, I notice, it’s the end of the blog,

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] The pub is called The Ball Alley. However the club (s’not a club) will forever be know locally and further afield as ‘Jack’s Club.’

[2] It was a new plomb, the old plomb having finally run out.

[3] From the fiscal point of view

[4] If not, that’s next week’s blog sorted!


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