I’ve been making a list.

There’s quite a few things on it, and more added all the time.

Here’s a flavour of my work to date.

  • TV Remote Control
  • Car Keys
  • The thing you had in your hand a minute ago
  • Marbles

Yes, Acoustic Chums, I am compiling a list of all the things it is easy, too easy in fact, to misplace.

There is one more thing to add to make it a complete list:

  • A week.

A week? I can’t be serious, can I?

Be Welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…


A week may be a long time in politics, but let me tell you, in the life of an Internationally[1] renowned Prog Folk Supergroup[2], it passes by in the twinkling of a twinkly thing, and is consigned, reduced to memory, to the past.

Let me see, how did it all pan out?

Ah yes; settle down Gentle Reader, and I’ll unpick the strands of a complicated and busy week in the life of FG.


It all began, as weeks do, a week ago, at The Monkey Club at the Coast[3]. We like this very friendly room; it’s not the biggest club around by a long chalk, but it is a very pleasant evening. Dave Minikin was at the helm and got the evening off to a rousing start with the aid of a Drop of Nelson’s Blood, and as usual, the room revolved, and everyone, including us, had a great time. Dave also very kindly indicated his support for the Help for Heroes Project, and we hope to be playing at The Bridge Folk Club in August.

Then, Tuesday. On a last minute rush of Premature Spontaneity, Carol and I shot off to The Foggy Furze in Hartlepool. Upstairs in The Athenaeum Club is still a marvel to behold and again, a very nice night hosted by new Chairpersonage-in-Chief Kay De’Ath, who also indicated the clubs support for Help for Heroes (we’re already on their playing list) by pre-ordering 24 CD-EPs. Excellent, and thank you Kay!

Then what? Oh aye. It was catching up with Stephen Matthews, the hand on t’tiller of The G String Acoustic Club at Topcliffe. That’s another date for t’diary then, again a lovely extended spot at which we can promote the charity CD-EP. Thank you Stephen.

In amongst all this, we were still sending out letters, doing a bit of rehearsal and extra practice for…

…Friday night and a double header at The Bridge with Andy and Catherine: It’sAcoustica.

That was a major event for us, the backdrop, the bass pedals, the twin neck, the Taylor, the Cort, the Ozark, flute, magic bing-bong machine and the bass.


But to have a bass, you need a bass player?


Dave[4] joined us for the last four songs of the set and it was great to blast out a few of the Ol’ FG thumpers, including ‘Sundown’, at full throttle. The noise was great, and Dave says he’ll join us as and when he can. Good stuff.

After an extended set[5] Andy and Catherine treated us to a bouncy set of their songs and their unique take on the songs of others until it was time to strip everything apart, take it home and fall over.

Ready for another week.

If only I could remember where I put it…

Kings & Washerwomans

At the King’s and Washerwoman’s

And so as the Sun of Fate goes down on the Great Gig of Destiny, the moon comes up and shows what you just trod in, I notice it’s the end of this blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


[1] I have a mate in America

[2] Other definitions are available

[3] Note to international readers, we have a Coast. Not my mate John though. He knows.

[4] One of our collection of Children. They came in useful for chimney cleaning, then grew up so we threw them away.

[5] Time flies. Three of the audience actually died during the set. Obviously musicians.


3 thoughts on “Lost

  1. It’s quite flattering to have almost two namechecks (or whatever passes for a blog aside), but I think that Holland counts as abroad Unless all that stuff about Holland turned out to be fibs.

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